Never Settle For Someone That ‘Puts Up With You’

Twenty20, marcforne
Twenty20, marcforne

Don’t date him, because he stays, even when you’ve given him every reason to leave. Because he loves you enough to deal with your mood swings and crazy meltdowns. Because he puts up with your jealousy and your anxiety and your depression.

Don’t date him, because he sticks around, even when you text him twenty times in an hour. Even when you get drunk and throw up in his car. Even when you do something to embarrass him in front of his best friends.

You shouldn’t be with someone that believes they’re settling for you. Someone that feels like they deserve an award for holding your hair back or buying the tampons that you forgot to pick up. Like they’re boyfriend of the year, because they’re doing the basic things that boyfriends should do.

You shouldn’t have to settle. He shouldn’t have to settle. Settling is toxic.

He should be happy to hear his phone chime again and again, as long as it’s your name flashing across the screen. And he should be proud to call you his girlfriend, even when you’re wasted and stumbling through the parking lot. He should be there for you, no matter what. Not because he’s such a good guy and feels obligated to stick around. Because he’s yours. And you’re his. And he wouldn’t dream of abandoning you. Ever.

You can’t be in a relationship where you’re constantly apologizing. I’m sorry for being so emotional. I’m sorry for crying. I’m sorry for getting mad. I’m sorry for being me

The right guy won’t want you to apologize for your emotions. He’ll encourage you to express them. To keep him in the loop so you can uphold a healthy relationship.

Stop dating boys that make you feel like you have something to apologize for. You’re kind. You’re intelligent. You’re sweet and soft and dangerously beautiful. If the person you’re with now doesn’t see those things, then find another person that does. A person that feels like you’re out of his league, even though you feel like he’s out of yours.

You shouldn’t settle into love. Emotions aren’t something you need to ease into. Real love will hit you hard and knock you on your ass. Real love will be apparent from the start. Authentic until the end. Real love isn’t about settling.

So don’t settle for someone that’s settling for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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