36 Silver Linings To Getting Your Heart Shattered

Ieva Urenceva
Ieva Urenceva

1. You can finally put your wants, your needs, and your dreams first.

2. There are thousands of beautiful boys with beautiful souls waiting to meet you.

3. You belong to yourself.

4. Even if it was only for a short time, you were one of the lucky ones that felt the blessings of love.

5. A boyfriend isn’t a key component to a fulfilled life.

6. You still have the youth and the beauty to create the world that you want.

7. You may not have his love, but you still have the love of your friends.

8. Broken hearts create a chain reaction, strengthening every bone in your body.

9. You’re far from alone, because everyone has felt the pain of a broken heart.

10. Your relationship wasn’t destined to last, which means fate has something even greater in store for you.

11. Loneliness is only temporary.

12. It’s better to hurt now — right this moment — than to put the pain on hold.

13. Now, you have a clearer picture of what type of person belongs in your future.

14. A broken heart doesn’t have to break you.

15. Pain is the biggest motivator.

16. You can shift your focus from becoming a good girlfriend to becoming a student of the world.

17. Single life is worlds better than life with an imposter love.

18. In time, you’ll forget why he was so important to you.

19. You can use the leftover love you had for him to learn to love yourself.

20. Your beauty doesn’t fade after a breakup.

21. Now, you have more time to get to know the girl inside of your mirror.

22. You no longer need permission to assert your independence.

23. Your schedule is now as free as your soul.

24. Every heartbreak leads you closer to the life you’re destined to live.

25. You’re on a new path, which is brimming with fresh opportunities.

26. You have the potential to forgive him — and to forgive yourself.

27. You can always refocus your energy toward your career.

28. You have the opportunity to run wild and make mistakes, without feeling like you failed as a girlfriend.

29. You have a lifetime of choices ahead of you that can lead to an even grander love than the last one.

30. Broken hearts teach us lessons that happiness never could.

31. You have a fresh start, a clean slate. 

32. You’re free from the chains of a toxic love. 

33. Nothing is holding you back from becoming the woman you wish you were. 

34. You have permission to be selfish, to do what you want when you want. 

35. Your relationship has ended — but your life hasn’t.

36. The cracks in your heart are already healing, albeit imperceptibly. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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