26 Disturbing Suicide Notes That Will Make You Cry Or Retch

Trigger warning: If you are suicidal, you can find help at Suicide Crisis Lines. Otherwise, read through these disturbing, two-sentence suicide notes from Ask Reddit.
Unsplash, Calum MacAulay
Unsplash, Calum MacAulay

1. Demons

“The devil made me do it. And the devil will make you do it too.” — RicsFlair

2. Murder

“I can’t live with what I did to that little girl. You can find most of her body buried in the garden.” — CorkedMoth

3. Freedom

“In these moments before my departure, I feel more clarity than I have ever felt in my dull life. In one minute, I will be free from the voices, from the pain, and from you.” — justkilledaman

4. Run

“I did this for you. Run.” — AndrewJimmyThompson

5. Messes

“I’m going to kill myself, and this isn’t a cry for help. I just need someone to come over here and clean up the mess.” — brainless0621

6. Coerced

“He’s thinks I’m writing an actual suicide note. He is making me do this.” — The_Dalek_Emperor

7. Graduation

“I got the diploma you’ve always wanted. Goodbye.” — steamy_teacup

8. Together

“I’ll be waiting. Don’t take too long.” — [deleted]

9. Alone

“You’ll learn to live without me. Like I had to live without you.” — tyler123321

10. Cancer

“I killed the Cancer. It didn’t kill me.” — TheGhostOfTedKennedy

11. Smiles

“I won’t kill myself. As long as someone smiles at me today.” — derbyt

12. Time Travel

“I came from the future. Don’t go there.” — nunbuster

13. Fantasies

“I don’t think this world is real. Gotta test something really quick.” –Fighght

14. Chased

“I just need it to stop following me. But it’ll never stop.” — Double_Vision_Quest

15. Blame

“It wasn’t your fault. I know you didn’t realize what you’d done.” — caihong13

16. Winner

“I’ve realized the only way to win is to not play. Goodbye.” — SpreadThePlague

17. Sickness

“Get yourself tested. Soon.” — [deleted]

18. Depression

“I’m just sad. I’m sorry.” — HeyBudHessel

19. Understanding

“Soon, you’ll understand why. Soon, you’ll join me.” — TentacledTessa

20. Abuse

“I can hear dad’s footsteps coming up the stairs. This time it will be different.” — bLbGoldeN

21. No one

“Nobody listened. Nobody cared.” — bacon_flavored

22. Hell

“I might not be good enough for you. But, hey, I’m good enough for hell don’t you think?” — snickler

23. Children

“I really wish I knew why I decided to take the child as well. Sorry, my love.” — ihavetheshining

24. Ghosts

“Don’t cry, I’ll come back one day. Then they will be sorry.” — MrBiscuitOGravy

25. Father

“All I ever wanted was a father that loved me as much as I loved him. All I received was you.” — Greygooseandice

26. Living

“I thought I knew how to live. I didn’t.”  [deleted] Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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