25 People Reveal Their Town’s Terrifying Past (That Everyone Keeps Quiet About)

Be happy that your hometown is boring. It could be worse. It could be like the towns that these Ask Reddit users live in.
Unsplash, Daniel Beilinson
Unsplash, Daniel Beilinson

1. Our lake is filled with dead bodies

“During the early 1900s, my town was (more or less) directly across from another town. Split by a lake, the lake/river was a huge trade route and boats would dock at either city. No big deal. Except, the railroad moved in and they decided to run it on my towns’ side of the river. Like clockwork, the other village dried up.

Some of the few remaining townsfolk gathered up their closest possessions, weighed themselves down, and jumped into the center of the lake in protest. No attempt to recover their bodies was ever made. Down the road some years we put in a dam and it’s a local historical fact that they just covered what remained of the other town with water.

I learned this from a news article and finding out that the local university has the personal journal of that town’s mayor at the time. I’ve wanted to sonar that lake for years…” — Miroudias

2. A kid from my HS murdered a family

“We had a kid who went to my high school, his locker was actually right under my girlfriend’s at the time. He had long hair and sported the emo look but in never thought anything of it. One night my junior year he snuck out of his house and just walked around looking for open windows. He made his way house to house until he finally found one, cut through the window and hid in the house. Once he was sure the people inside were asleep he stabbed them to death, some ridiculous number of times, cut them open and then stuffed a bunch of random stuff in their bodies. He was walking around my school for a couple days before they figured out he did because his friends he told reported him. He said he wanted to shoot up the school later that year. He won’t get out prison until he’s 80 or something.” — Aggienthusiast

3. A couple raped and murdered little girls

“Man and his wife tortured, raped and murdered three girls here in the early 90’s. Man was also convicted for numerous rapes in another city. The man is still in prison, his wife got out of jail and is living in another part of our country. The house they committed the murders in was torn down and instead of putting up a memorial for s victims, the city just built a home over top of it.” — _coyotes_

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