22 Things To Fantasize About Before Bed (That Have Nothing To Do With Sex)

Stop spending your nights stressing over what will happen the next day. Try visualization techniques. When you’re edging toward sleep, think of all of the things you want out of life — and maybe they’ll come to you sooner than expected.
Unsplash, María Victoria Heredia Reyes
Unsplash, María Victoria Heredia Reyes

1. Imagine taking a luxurious vacation with your forever person and walking hand-in-hand through the sand while sipping on martinis.

2. Imagine traveling the world with your best friend and snapping photos that you’re going to keep on your hallway walls until you’re old and grey.

3. Imagine seeing yourself in a lacy wedding gown, hearing your partner’s vows, and watching your parents tear up in the audience.

4. Imagine finally saving up enough money for your dream house and eating dinner inside of it with friends for the very first time.

5. Imagine getting pregnant (when you’re ready for the responsibility) and seeing the sonogram of your son or daughter for the first time.

6. Imagine getting front row seats to a concert — one that you’ve been waiting months to go to — and making out with the lead singer.

7. Imagine bringing home a newborn puppy and watching it scamper around on the floor with all its new toys.

8. Imagine your forever person getting down on one knee and proposing with the most gorgeous ring that your eyes have ever seen.

9. Imagine kissing in the rain, without worrying about how frizzy your hair is or how runny your makeup is, because you’re that in love.

10. Imagine having a romantic picnic by the water, complete with chocolate fondu and red wine.

11. Imagine getting the raise that you’ve been waiting for, because all of your hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed.

12. Imagine reuniting with the friends you haven’t seen in years and feeling like a day hasn’t gone by, because nothing between you has changed.

13. Imagine getting serenaded by the love of your life who’s holding a guitar and singing a song he learned especially for you.

14. Imagine watching fireworks at Disney with your forever person and kissing as the sounds surround you.

15. Imagine making enough money to give your mother the car (or the house) that she’s always deserved to have.

16. Imagine slow dancing with the love of your life on a cruise ship, where you’ve decided to take your honeymoon.

17. Imagine getting breakfast in bed during a lazy weekend, because your boyfriend has a habit of spoiling you rotten.

18. Imagine getting the promotion you were aiming for and reading all of your congratulations messages on social media.

19. Imagine your crush confessing his feelings for you and leaning in for your very first kiss.

20. Imagine calling up your parents to tell them about your engagement to the man that they’ve always loved like a son.

21. Imagine getting interviewed on a talk show, because you have such rare talent that should be shared with the world.

22. Imagine the life that you’ve always wanted. The life that will one day be yours. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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