17 Women That Swallow On Whether They Actually Like The Taste

1. “I love blowing him right before I leave for work, so that I’ll still have the taste in my mouth when I get to the office. It’s a naughty little reminder of what I’ve just done. So yeah, I enjoy the taste.” — Amber, 25

2. “I don’t know if he needs to change his diet or something, but his semen always tastes so sour. I swallow, but then I run to the bathroom to wash my mouth out. He doesn’t know that, though.” — Amy, 20

3. “At first I wasn’t into it. And then, once, my boyfriend kissed me after eating me out, and the taste on his lips was horrible. Made me want to vomit. So yeah, I’d much rather swallow his load than taste my own fluids ever again.” — Taylor, 23

4. “For me, the taste isn’t a big deal. Nothing to brag or complain about. It’s the amount that gets me. When a lot comes out, it’s hard to swallow. Literally.” — Victoria, 28

5. “I pay pretty close attention to what he’s been putting inside of his body. If he’s had a lot of fruit and pineapple juice lately, then I’ll let him cum in my mouth. But if he’s been having a lot of beer and cigarettes, then I tell him to cum on my tits instead and we’re both happy.” — April, 31

6. “It doesn’t really taste like anything to me? Is that weird? It’s just like… nothingness. So I don’t like or dislike it.” — Olivia, 22

7. “That’s an impossible question to answer. Every guy tastes different. One particular guy could taste different on different days. It’s not always going to taste sweet. It’s not always going to taste sour. Sometimes, it’ll be in the middle. And sometimes, you’ll want to gag. It really depends.” — Laura, 29

8. “Taste is fine. Smell is gross.” — Shelby, 26

9. “I hate going down on guys. So when he squirts into my mouth, I’m just so happy that the blowjob is finally over that I don’t even notice the taste.” — Erica, 24

10. “Let’s get this straight, I hate the taste. Hate it. But I swallow and act like I’m loving it, because he finds it sexy. And when he thinks I’m sexy, I feel sexy. So I deal with it.” — Madison, 21 

11. “I refused to swallow for years and my friends would always make fun of me. But when I started dating my current boyfriend, I tried it, and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I imagined in my head. Still bad, but not unbearably bad.” — Lindsey, 30

12. “Honestly, I’ve never even considered spitting. The taste is fine. And it’s easier to swallow than to find a place to spit.” — Alicia, 25

13. “My ex tasted delicious. My current boyfriend tastes… pretty bad. I make fun of him for it all the time. Does that make me a horrible person?” — Miranda, 26

14. “I’ll be honest here, I don’t give blowjobs all that often. So when I do, I feel like I have to make it special. Swallowing once or twice a month isn’t really that big of a deal. It’s like eating salt. ” — Whitney, 23

15. “I’m bi and I personally prefer going down on women. I think they taste better, but that’s just one girl’s opinion.” — Alexa, 29

16. “Yup! I’m obsessed with the taste of him. Even when he’s inside me, sometimes I ask him to pull out so he can finish in my mouth.” — Faith, 24

17. “I mean, it’s not going to taste like a cappuccino. It came out of his dick. It’s about as good as it’s going to get.” — Paige, 23 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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