17 Selfish Things He Does To Make His Life Easier And Your Life Harder

If he makes a habit out of any of these things, don’t stick around.
Brandon Woelfel
Brandon Woelfel

1He keeps his emotions inside, because he doesn’t want to have a tough conversation with you, which means you’re left guessing how he feels and have to interpret his every move.

2. He straight up lies to you to get out of doing something that he doesn’t want to do, like having dinner with your parents or helping you with the laundry.

3. He keeps secrets from you, because he knows that the truth would make you uncomfortable, and he doesn’t want to deal with another argument if he can avoid it.

4. He makes promises to you that he knows he’ll never keep, because he’s telling you what he thinks you want to hear.

5. He cancels plans at the last minute instead of letting you know that he’s going to be busy ahead of time, which means you end up showering and shaving for no reason at all.

6. He pulls you on top of him during sex, so that you have no choice but to be the one that does all of the work while he just leans back and enjoys himself.

7. He leaves immediately after sex, so he doesn’t have to deal with cooking you breakfast or having a discussion about what your relationship status is.

8. He plays the victim, so that you’ll feel bad for him and will deal with his crappy behavior.

9. During date nights, he picks movies that he knows you’re going to hate, instead of trying to find something that you’d both be interested in.

10. He never lets you win an argument. He always gets his way, no matter how hard you fight against it or how reasonable you’re being.

11. Whenever it’s his turn to pay for a meal, he picks a family-style restaurant and orders the cheapest thing on the menu. But when it’s your turn to pay, he orders the lobster or steak.

12. He expects you to clear your schedule to make time for him, but he never changes plans in order to fit you into his schedule.

13. He doesn’t tell you that he’s at the strip club with his buddies on a work night, because he knows you’re going to get mad. Instead, he stops answering your texts and you have to try to figure out why.

14. He falls asleep right after he orgasms, so that he doesn’t have to deal with the fact that you’re still horny AF and didn’t get off.

15. When he has to turn down an outing with his friends, he blames you, so that they don’t get mad at him. They get mad at you.

16. When he sees that the sink (or the garbage) is full, he still throws more items inside, even though he knows that means you’re going to be stuck doing the chores later.

17. Instead of breaking up with you face-to-face, he ghosts on you and leaves you wondering where it all went wrong. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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