16 Women Reveal How Long It Typically Takes Them To Reach Orgasm


1. “It depends whether I’m masturbating or having sex. When I’m alone, it takes me two minutes. When I’m with someone, it takes at least fifteen. Minimum.” — Grace, 22

2. “Oh, God, a lot of things factor into it. The foreplay. The positions. Penis length and girth. It really depends. Once, it took me three minutes. Once, it took me almost an hour.” — Sasha, 28

3. “Only takes me a minute or two. Doesn’t matter if I’m with my husband or alone. My body doesn’t seem to see a difference.” — Elizabeth, 20

4. “I’ll orgasm from oral in about twenty to thirty minutes (my boyfriend doesn’t mind, thank goodness). But I can’t orgasm from penetrative sex at all, no matter what I try. Just doesn’t work for me. I’ve heard some people say the G-spot is a myth. Don’t know if that’s true, but I definitely can’t find mime.” — Samantha, 27

5. “I don’t care how good the guy is. If I’m stressed, I can’t orgasm. Not gonna happen. But if I’m relaxed that day, then it takes fifteen to twenty minutes, I’d say.” — Christy, 30

6. “My girlfriends think I’m weird, because I actually cum quicker when my boyfriend touches me than when I touch myself. It takes, maybe, ten minutes with him?” — Sabrina, 24

7. “Masturbation: 5 minutes. Oral: 15 minutes. Sex: 25 minutes. That’s my estimate.” — Courtney, 33

8. “If a guy could make me orgasm in under a half-hour, I’d be ecstatic. Usually takes forty-five minutes. Unless I’m by myself. Then it’s usually over in a jiffy.” — Cynthia, 29

9. “If I’m already horny and have a good fantasy in my head, masturbating takes five minutes. Not even. But a guy has never made me orgasm. Not yet.” — Melody, 25

10. “Takes me five minutes on average. Sometimes I even finish faster than my boyfriend. My friends hate me for that. Most of them have never even orgasmed during sex.” — Maria, 27

11. “I can only orgasm when I use a vibrator against my clit. Works like a charm. I’ve probably cum in like, two minutes from that. But during sex, it takes me ages.” — Sophie, 23

12. “If I’m in my favorite position and he’s rubbing my clit and whispering dirty words into my ear, then I’ll orgasm in under ten minutes. If we’re in any other position, it doesn’t happen. For some reason, that one position is what does it for me.” — Hannah, 26

13.  “Depends on the length of foreplay. If there’s plenty of it, doesn’t take me long at all. If there isn’t any, then I’m never going to reach climax. Nope.” — Haley, 21

14. “I’ve never actually had an orgasm. I know. Tragic.” — Lydia, 24

15. “I’ve never timed it, but I don’t think it’s that long. Shorter than an episode of Friends, for sure.” — Allison, 22

16. “I’ve cum from five minutes of sex, but there was about thirty minutes of foreplay before that, so… you know. Foreplay matters, fellas.” –Amanda, 27 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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