15 Women On How Often They Expect Their Man To Eat Them Out

God & Man
God & Man

1. “It depends, really. The more I go down on him, the more he goes down on me. To return the favor I guess. Let me think… I’m pretty sure he ate me out twice this week so far.” — Gina, 22

2. “Pft. I don’t expect anything. We’ve been together for eight years. When I get oral, I’m happy. But I don’t wake up thinking it’s going to happen.” — Brandy, 29

3. “Call me greedy, but I expect to have an equal amount of orgasms as he does. Unfortunately, I can only orgasm from oral, which means he goes down on me a lot. It’s not like I’m forcing him though. He’s happy to do it.” — Ashlee, 20

4. “Three times a year. On my birthday. On our anniversary. And on Valentine’s Day. Unless I’m on my period during those days. Then I’m screwed.” — Zoe, 25

5. “Oh, I don’t keep track of those things. It happens when it happens. Sometimes, he goes down on me multiple times in a day. Other times, we don’t touch each other at all for a full week.” — Felicia, 27

6.“Every few months. But it’s not like I never orgasm. I orgasm whenever he’s inside of me. So I don’t really mind the lack of oral or whatever.” — Kylie, 23

7. “Ummm once a month maybe? He usually does it when he wants something from me. Or when he’s trying to apologize. It’s like being handed flowers. Always makes me skeptical.” — Natasha, 26

8. “Whenever I feel the urge to push his head down there. He never offers on his own. But he always obliges when I ask. So don’t be afraid to initiate, ladies.” — Tara, 24

9. “How about never? He’s never gone down on me. Doesn’t like the taste, he says.” — Valeria, 19

10. “Every week seems like a good amount. I won’t complain if it doesn’t happen, though. Sometimes life gets in the way.” — Brenda, 29

11. “About three times per week. And we have sex about six times per week. Basically, he eats me out before sex half the time. The other half, we just jump into it without much foreplay.” — Daisy, 21

12. “We don’t even have penetrative sex that often. Lucky if it happens once a week. So oral? Only once in a blue moon.” — Cynthia, 30

13. “I’d let him give me oral every damn day if he wanted. But I’m not going to force him into anything. He knows I always want it. So if he wants to give it to me, he can.” — Sierra, 22

14. “God… I can’t remember the last time he was down there. A few months ago, maybe? I must not expect it often, then, I guess.” — Emma, 24

15. “I go down on him every day of my period, which typically lasts four days for me. So, I figure, he should balance it out by going down on me at least once per week. That’s four times a month. Minimum.” — Jillian, 20 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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