13 Ways You’re Making Single Life More Miserable Than It Has To Be

Sophia Sinclair
Sophia Sinclair

1. You try way too hard. You visit the gym, but only because you want to look hotter. You wear dresses, but only because you want male attention. Everything you do is a part of your master plan to find a boyfriend.

2. You’re always the third wheel. You only hang out with couples. Since you’re constantly surrounded by friends in happy relationships, you feel like you’re the only single woman left in the world.

3. You live in your memories. When you’re feeling lonely, you look at the old texts the guy you almost-dated-but-never-actually-did sent you. Or you read your diary entries from back when you were with your ex. Instead of living in the present, you glorify the past.

4. You’re obsessed with social media. You scroll down Facebook every single day, staring at engagement photos and wedding photos and baby photos. You torture yourself.

5. You have (unwanted) casual sex. You don’t actually want a one-night stand. You want a boyfriend. But for some ridiculous reason, you have sex with strangers in the hopes that they’ll stay until morning.

6. You listen to too many love songs. You’re always reading romance novels, listening to Taylor Swift songs, and watching Hallmark movies about happy couples, so of course you’re going to hate the single life.

7. You’re always on the search for men. When you’re supposed to be having a fun night out with your friends, you ignore them to scope for boys. And if there aren’t any cute ones around, you feel like getting dressed up was a waste.

8. You live in your daydreams. You spend your time fantasizing about how great your life is going to be once you find your faceless dream man and buy a house together and pop out children, even though you have more important things to think about.

9. You talk about boys way too much. When your friends complain about the dating scene, you join in. You never reroute the conversation to something more important, like your career. According to your friend group, boys are the only topic of conversation.

10. You think every interaction with a man has to lead to something. And when it doesn’t, you end up disappointed. Crushed. Brokenhearted. Even if you two only shared a single conversation.

11. You refuse to pleasure yourself. Instead of grabbing a vibrator and going to town, you fantasize about having a man on top of you. You don’t want any old orgasm. You want an orgasm from him.

12. You associate with shitty men. You fall for any man that gives you the slightest bit of attention, even if he’s clearly only interested in sex. You look past the red flags, because you want a relationship that badly.

13. You put on an act. Instead of admitting that, yes, you’re looking for a relationship, you pretend that you’re not interested in relationships at all. That you’re loving the single life. But it’s tiring to keep up the charade. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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