12 Things You Don’t Have To Do To Get A Guy’s Attention (Assholes Excluded)

Sophia Sinclair
Sophia Sinclair

1. Send nudes. He shouldn’t have to see you naked to realize that you’re someone worth keeping around. He should see that from the start. From the second that he meets you.

2. Dress up. You aren’t expected to look like a supermodel. So you shouldn’t tear apart your closet every time you have a feeling that you’re going to run into him. He should like you, whether you’re wearing skintight shirts or shapeless jeans.

3. Have sex. He should like you before the sex. He should ask you to become his girlfriend before the sex. He shouldn’t need his penis to convince his head that you’re a real catch.

4. Lose weight. Any guy that’s worth your time won’t care how flat your belly is. He’ll be paying attention to more important things, like how beautiful your smile looks and how cute your giggles sound.

5. Inflict jealousy. He shouldn’t have to see you sitting on his friend’s lap to realize that he has feelings for you. Don’t fall for the type of guy that only wants you when you’re unavailable. Because, once you’re his official girlfriend, he’s going to get bored. And then he’s going to leave.

6. Sext him. You should be able to have deep conversations with him. Conversations that don’t involve what he wants to do to you. He should like you for your thoughts and opinions, not for what you’re willing to offer him in the bedroom.

7. Spoil him. You shouldn’t have to buy his love with expensive gifts and home-cooked meals. He should like you, even if he has to split the check at dinner. Even if you’re a crappy cook. Even if you don’t have much to give him, except your affection.

8. Blow up his phone. You don’t have to send him a million texts, or post a million pictures on Instagram, in order to remind him of your existence. If he wants to be with you, he won’t forget about you. Even if it’s been weeks since he’s last seen you.

9. LieHe should like you for you — flaws and all. If you have to pretend to like his favorite hockey team or his go-to music, then there’s no sense in dating him. Because it’s not really you that he wants.

10. Brag. You shouldn’t have to criticize all of the other girls in the room, so he can see your beauty in comparison. Or brag about how many guys are interested in you, so he realizes you’re a hot commodity. He should like you, without hearing a list of reasons why he should like you.

11. Act crazy. You don’t have to get drunk and dance on tabletops. Or write him an elaborate poem detailing your love. If you’re right for each other, all you have to do is walk up to him and say hello.

12. Change a single thing about yourself. You don’t have to dye your hair, get piercings, or change your attitude in order to land a date. You can find someone just the way you are — because, my God, you’re beautiful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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