10 Ways To Make Him Hard With Your Words (Without Sending A Single Nude)

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1. If you’ve never sexted with him before, you should ease into it. Don’t start by telling him how badly you want him inside of you. Start with subtle comments about how you’re just stepping out of the shower or how you’re taking your clothes off and getting into bed. Make him imagine your naked body.

2. After that, if he isn’t the one to take the conversation in a sexual direction (which he probably will), then push things a little further by telling him you wish he was with you. In bed with you. In the shower with you. Wherever. Make it clear that you miss him.

3. If he comments on how he also wishes he was there or asks why you want him there, be blunt. Tell him you’re horny. It gets the point across. It gets the two of you on the same page. You won’t have to beat around the bush anymore.

4. If he changes the subject after you admit you’re turned on, he’s not interested in you and you can kiss your chances with him goodbye. But if he asks questions about what exactly you want to be doing with him, it’s a green flag. Prepare to get super sexual, because he wants your body as badly as you want his.

5. Sexting isn’t as hard as you think. Just type what’s on your mind. Do you want him to kiss your neck? Take your shirt off? Give you a back massage? Whatever you’re fantasizing about, let him know.

6. After you mention one or two things, he’s probably going to say something like, “And then what?” You can start to weave a story, but whatever you do, don’t finish it.

7. Ask him to participate. Sex shouldn’t be one-sided and neither should sexting. After you message him about how you want to touch him, ask him how he wants to touch you. Or get specific and ask him what position he wants you in or what he wants you to be wearing.

8. If you’re not great at the whole story-telling thing, then you don’t have to make up a sexual scenario. You can remind him of the last time you two hooked up and list out the things you liked about it.

9. Or, if you’ve never hooked up before, you can let him know that you’re touching yourself — and be specific about where you’re touching and what movements you’re making. This helps in two ways. One, it’ll make him rock hard. Two, when you do sleep with him, he’ll already know where you like to be touched, which means there’s a good chance you’ll get an orgasm.

10. If you really want to throw some inappropriate photos into the conversation, go ahead. If you fully trust him, you might as well flaunt your body. But you don’t have to. You can paint a picture with your words. You can make him hard without showing any skin. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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