You’re Not Too Fucked Up To Find Love, Even Though You Do These 15 Things

You can — and will — find love, even if you do these toxic things.
Sophia Sinclair
Sophia Sinclair

1. You’re skeptical whenever someone is nice to you. If someone invites you back to their apartment, you wonder what the catch is. Are they just being friendly? Do they want sex? Or are they planning on making you fall in love with them and then breaking your heart years later?

2. You cry at the drop of a hat. Who would be able to handle your mood swings? One second, you’re upbeat and bubbly. And the next second, you’re looking for a bathroom so you can cry your eyes out.

3. You live your life in extremes. You either want nothing to do with a man or you’re thoroughly obsessed with him. You don’t know how to love in moderation. It’s all or nothing with you.

4. You’re filled with paranoia. You’re on a constant search for signs that you’re getting screwed over and your trust issues are to blame. It’s hard for you to give your heart to someone and not expect them to shatter it. You’re always waiting for the worst to happen.

5. You get jealous easily. As soon as you see your crush talking to someone else, you assume that he likes her better than you. That you were stupid for believing you had an actual chance. That it’s time for you to move on.

6. You can’t make conversation. When you’re with a guy friend, speaking comes effortlessly. But when you’re around someone you find attractive, you either clam up or spew word vomit. You can never manage to act like a normal human being around cute boys.

7. You’re stuck in the past. You can’t stop thinking about your ex. You can’t push away the thought that you’ll never find anyone better than him. That you’ll be in love with him until the day you die.

8. You’re used to being alone. You’ve never been in a serious relationship before. You don’t know how a girlfriend is meant to act. You don’t know if you have what it takes to give a guy what he deserves. What if you fuck up? What if you break his heart?

9. You overanalyze everything. You can’t just answer a text. You have to waste your time wondering what the message actually meant — what the intention behind it was. You never take things at face value.

10. You fall for the wrong people. Whenever you date, you date the wrong men. Selfish men. Narcissistic men. Men that you know even you don’t deserve.

11. You lie effortlessly. You lie to yourself about how you feel. You lie to others about how you feel. You never let your true self out, because you’re afraid of what’s going to happen if you do.

12. You believe you’re better off alone. No mixed signals. No arguments. No breakups. You’ve convinced yourself that single life is your best option.

13. You doubt yourself. You don’t love yourself. Hell, you don’t even like yourself. You can’t see any of the potential hidden inside you. You can’t imagine anyone ever settling for you.

14. You ruin everythingWhenever something good enters your life, it seems like you find a way to fuck it up. You don’t know how to hold onto happiness. It’s almost like you’re happier when you’re miserable.

15. You don’t know what the hell you’re doing. Adulting sucks. You don’t know how anyone handles it. Living on your own? Getting a job you actually like? Finding a boy you actually like? It all seems impossible. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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