Women Don’t Actually Need These 12 Things To Live A Fulfilled Life


1. A boyfriend. A man is meant to enhance your already kickass life. Not to make it worth living. If you need someone to lean on, you have your friends. If you need someone to snuggle, you have your pets. And if you need an orgasm, you have your vibrator.

2. Children. Mothers are beautiful souls, but there’s no rule saying you have to become one. Your body isn’t destined to hold a baby. Instead of bringing children into this world, you can bring artwork. Peace. Kindness.

3. Beauty. You have a beautiful mind. You have a big heart. You have a strong soul. All of your important pieces are inside of you, hidden from view. Your external self is worthless compared to your inner self.

4. A high-paying job. Success doesn’t come in the form of money. It comes in happiness. Hopefulness. Passion. As long as you make enough to survive — and have fun doing it — you should be proud of yourself.

5. A close-knit family. Maybe all of your family members have passed. Or maybe they’re toxic and have been purposely extracted from your life. Either way, your blood isn’t what defines you. The people that are always there for you — they’re the important ones.

6. Name brands. Makeup is makeup. Purses are purses. They get the same job done, no matter what label is slapped on the side. If you’ve found quality products that are cheap, you should be proud to use them, not ashamed.

7. Internet fame. The couples with thousands of likes on Instagram might have had a huge argument during their ‘candid’ photoshoot. Wouldn’t you rather have a fun time and snap shitty pictures than make yourself miserable by trying to get one peer-approved photo?

8. Perfect health. You should try to take care of your body, but if you already suffer from a health disorder — or a mental disorder like anxiety — it doesn’t mean you won’t reach success. You can and you will. You can’t let your obstacles become blockades.

9. Good grades. Don’t let a test tell you you’re stupid. Don’t let your grades stop you from going after your dreams.

10. Travel plans. Some women wouldn’t be able to live without their plane tickets and Airbnbs. Others are comfortable in their hometown. If you’ve been stuck in the same place since you were born, it doesn’t mean you’re missing out. You can have an amazing life right where you are.

11. A million friends. It’s better to have a single friend you can count on all throughout life than a dozen friends that only want to get drunk with you. When it comes to friendship, quality trumps quantity.

12. Material items. You don’t need the biggest house. You don’t need the most expensive car. Memories, along with a current state of happiness, are the most important things. They’re what really matters. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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