Love Someone That Makes It Easier For You To Love Yourself

Twenty20, noux2rs
Twenty20, noux2rs

I love you, because of the questions that come at the end of my sentences. You make me feel like my stories are important. Like I’m important. Like I have something worthwhile to say.

I love you, because of the way you treat me around your family. Around your friends. You still put me first, even in a roomful of people. And if I’m not there, you’ll text me to let me know you wish I was there. That it feels like a part of you is missing when I’m not by your side.

I love you, because I know that my effort isn’t going to remain unnoticed. If I squeeze into a new pair of jeans, I can be assured that you’ll stare at my ass with lustful eyes. If I dye my hair a different color, I know you’re going to fuck me with extra oomph.

I love you, because of the silly texts that fill my screen when I check my phone in the morning. They aren’t the same ‘good morning’ texts day after day — the type that you feel obliged to send. They’re always different. Personalized. Special.

I love you, because I don’t have to work for compliments. I don’t have to stuff myself into the skirts and crop tops I know you like, because you think I’m pretty, even when I’m in pajamas. Even when I’ve just woken up with flaky skin and unbrushed teeth. You remind me that I’m beautiful even when I’ve forgotten.

I love you, because you know the real me. You aren’t in love with an enhanced version of myself that I put on to impress you. You know how clumsy I am. You know how messy I am. You know about my anger issues and my jealousy. But you still love me. Not in spite of those things. Because of those things. Because they make me me and I’m the only one you want.

I loved myself before I met you, but it was hard. It was a constant battle I fought every time I glanced in the mirror or took a selfie. My self-worth was there, but it was always teetering. Always threatening to crumble beneath my touch.

But now, even when I hate what my reflection shows me, I know you’ll still say I’m beautiful. Even when I want to spend the entire day in bed, I know you’ll give me a reason to rise. Even when I feel worthless, I know you’ll only see my value.

You make it so easy for me to love myself. And I love you for that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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