If He’s Guilty Of Doing These 16 Things, He Doesn’t Have Any Respect For You

Twenty20, batoshka
Twenty20, batoshka

1. He has a habit of canceling plans at the last second. Or forgetting that he even made plans with you. He clearly doesn’t value your time.

2. He assumes that you’ll always be around. If he goes MIA for a few weeks or decides to sleep with another girl? No worries, because you’ll always be there, waiting for him to return.

3. Instead of accepting your differences in taste, he tries to make you feel bad about the things you love. Your favorite song sucks. Your favorite movie is overrated. Your new dress is the ugliest color. 

4. He talks down to you. It makes you feel like you’re a complete idiot.

5. He’s a shit-talker. He isn’t shy about bashing your mother and father. About acting like you have crappy taste in friends. About pointing out why the people you love the most are all assholes.

6. He won’t do you any favors, even reasonable ones. If you ask him to pick up milk for you while he’s out, he’ll come up with an excuse to get out of the chore. He’ll make your life harder if it means his life will be easier.

7. He talks all the time, but he never listens. You’re lucky if you get a nod from him. If he actually pretends to be paying attention.

8. He cheats on you. Again and again and again.

9. He makes unnecessary comments about your body. About how you’ve gained a little weight. About how his ex’s breasts were bigger. About how you aren’t even close to perfect.

10. He disregards your emotions. Whenever you’re upset with him, or upset with life in general, he doesn’t want to hear about it. He’ll expect you to suck it up and cry on your own time, because he isn’t going to comfort you.

11. During sex, he doesn’t seem to care if you’re enjoying yourself. He never asks you what you want. He never looks you in the eyes. He doesn’t give you oral or any orgasms.

12. When you’re out with a group of friends, he acts like you’re invisible. It’s like he pays attention to everybody, but you. Like he doesn’t even want you there.

13. He’s violent. He threatens you. He hits you when he’s angry. He chokes you during sex, even though you told him you’re not into rough stuff.

14. He expects your world to revolve around him. Even though he takes hours to text you back, he expects you to reply within a few minutes. And whenever he asks you to hang out, he expects you to be free. If you aren’t, he’ll act insulted.

15. He doesn’t know how to compromise, so it’s his way or the highway. If you get into an argument, you know he’s going to win it. He always does.

16. He makes you feel like everything you do is wrong. You’re constantly apologizing to him, even though he hasn’t apologized to you once — and he’s certainly not as innocent as he acts. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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