I Don’t Care How Fucked Up You Are Because You Still Deserve Love, Effort, And Respect


I don’t care if you consider yourself forever alone. If you’ve never had a real boyfriend — only a series of almost relationships where the kisses never became official. Where you were led on and tricked into believing that you’d become a couple and then felt like a fool when it all fell apart.

You deserve more than an almost. You deserve a real relationship with a real man that puts in real effort. You deserve someone that introduces you to his parents and texts you every morning and invites you over during the holidays. You deserve true love instead of an imposter love.

I don’t care if you have anxiety or depression. If you have trouble leaving the house, because your brain is warning your body to stay inside. If it’s hard for others to understand your changes in mood, because your mind works in a different way than everyone else’s does. If you feel alone and scared and hopeless.

You deserve to be loved by someone that understands your illness doesn’t make you weak. It gives you a unique type of strength. If you can get through the day with your disorder — if you can get through life with your disorder — then you can find love with your disorder. And your forever person won’t even mind it. To them, it’ll be a tiny piece of you — not what defines you.

I don’t care if you feel like you’re lost. If you’re unemployed and can’t figure out which career path to follow. If you’re stuck between going after your dreams or your practical aspirations. If you don’t know what the hell you’re doing with your life.

You deserve someone you can figure out the future alongside. Someone that appreciates that you’re a work in progress. Someone that listens as you rant about how confused you are and helps you make the best decision possible. Someone that’s there for you.

I don’t care if you grew up with parents that were fueled by toxic love. Parents that were incapable of sitting at the dinner table without sharing awkward silence and exchanging subtle insults. Parents that made your fingers shake whenever their voices raised, because their fights weren’t normal couple spats. Those fights got bad.

You deserve someone that reminds you what healthy love looks like. Someone that holds your hand during an argument, because they aren’t yelling just to yell — they’re trying to compromise with you so your relationship can stay strong. Hold out for that person. For someone that proves you aren’t destined to become your mother or your father.

I don’t care if every single one of your exes cheated on you. If you’re so used to being used, being discarded, that the disappointment doesn’t even phase you anymore. When boys sleep with you, you don’t expect them to stay the night. And when they ignore your texts, you shrug and text them again. You don’t find it unhealthy. The pain has become normalized.

You deserve someone that looks you in the eyes, swears he’ll remain loyal, and actually follows through on his promise. Someone that shows you that monogamy is real. It’s possible. And it’s beautiful.

I don’t care if you have serious baggage. If you’re dealing with lingering grief over a death. If you have jealousy issues that you’re unable to control. If you have trouble falling asleep at night and can’t pull yourself out of bed in the morning.

You deserve someone that will help shake you out of your misery. Someone that will convince you to stop playing the victim and to move on with your life. Someone that will make you realize there’s more beauty in the world than pain, as long as you train your eyes to see it.

I don’t care if you’re fucked up beyond repair. You still deserve respect. You still deserve effort. You still deserve love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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