Beautiful Girl, Don’t Date The Boy That Steals Your Smile


Beautiful girl, don’t date the boy that makes you lose focus on who you are and what you deserve. You deserve a boy that would never let his insecurities impact your relationshipA boy that brings out the best in you. A boy that’s a better person for you.

Beautiful girl, don’t date the boy you think you can save. Your warmth and affection will never stop him from drinking. Your companionship will never stop his unceasing criticism. Your love will never be enough. If he’s damaged, letting him go will benefit you both. He needs to be alone — even if he can’t see it, even if he hates you for it, even if you hate yourself for it.

Beautiful girl, don’t date the boy that wrenches you away from your friends. The boy that causes your loved ones to worry about you when all they want is to be happy for you. The boy that makes people wonder whether he’s going to break your heart or your bones first.

Beautiful girl, don’t date the boy that waters your insecurities until they blossom.

Don’t date the boy that wants total control over you. It starts with who you text. The hours you work. How short your skirts are. But it’ll be more than that soon. Soon, he’ll want you to be his and only his. Soon, he won’t want you to talk on the phone, even to your best friend, even to your mother. It’s not sweet that he’s jealous. It’s not romantic. It’s dangerous. More dangerous than you realize.

The way he treats you isn’t normal. It isn’t healthy.

Your boyfriend shouldn’t be making you cry, making you question. You know what your boyfriend should be doing? He should encourage you to go out with your friends, because you deserve to have fun and he trusts you enough to let you live your life without a chaperone. He should be the one to wrap his arms around you and shove the tears away, not the one to spark them every other night.

Please, beautiful girl, don’t let his victim act work on you. Don’t accept any excuses that fall from his soft lips, because he’s not a child. He’s a grown man. He doesn’t get an excuse for treating you like this. He lost his job. He was cheated on. His parents got divorced. Guess what? Hundreds of other people are suffering from those same issues — and you know what they don’t do? They don’t treat their girlfriends like crap.

Shittiness isn’t a side effect of sadness.

He has other options. A universe of other options. He’s just choosing the wrong ones. Which is why you should choose to leave. Choose yourself, beautiful girl, because you should never let a boy steal your smile. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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