60 Small Ways To Show A Girl You Actually Give A Fuck

Twenty20, kirillvasilevcom
Twenty20, kirillvasilevcom

1. Plan out a date.

2. Wear her favorite cologne.

3. Text her as soon as you wake up in the morning.

4. Buy a toy for her pet.

5. Ask her how her mother is doing.

6. Compliment her hair.

7. Delete your dating apps.

8. Show up at her house with a milkshake. Or a pizza.

9. Play her favorite song in the car.

10. Ask her to take a selfie with you.

11. Buy her a toothbrush to keep at your apartment.

12. Hold her hand in public.

13. Remember the names of her parents.

14. Ask her if she needs any help around the house.

15. Call her, instead of texting her.

16. Send her a love letter through the mail.

17. Tell her details about your day.

18. Learn her favorite song on the guitar.

19. Stock your kitchen with her favorite snack.

20. Wear something that isn’t wrinkled.

21. Put the toilet seat down.

22. Create a birthday card instead of buying her one.

23. Invite her out with your friends. 

24. Warm up the car before she goes inside. 

25. Give her a back massage. 

26. Surprise her with flowers. 

27. Give her a spare key to your apartment. 

28. Leave her shampoo and razor in your shower. 

29. Bake her cookies. 

30. Serenade her. 

31. Text her until she falls asleep. 

32. Kiss her on the forehead. 

33. Invite her over for dinner with your parents. 

34. Read her favorite book, so you can discuss it. 

35. Find candles in her favorite scent

36. Take her on a road trip. 

37. Send her a romantic song that reminds you of her. 

38. Spend the holidays with her. 

39. Offer her your jacket when it’s cold. 

40. ‘Friend’ her friends on Facebook. 

41. Have coffee ready for her in the morning whenever she stays the night. 

42. Leave a note under her windshield wiper. 

43. Clear out a drawer for her to keep clothes inside of. 

44. Buy her favorite wine. 

45. Make her bed after you have sex.

46. Go down on her.

47. Set her picture as your phone background.

48. Trim your beard hair — and your genitals.

49. Keep your promises.

50. Use heart emojis.

51. Buy chocolates for her mother.

52. Introduce her as your girlfriend.

53. Offer to pay for her dinner.

54. Let her know that your friends have been asking about her.

55. Tell her stories about your childhood.

56. Remember her birthday.

57. Wear her favorite color.

58. Write her poetry.

59. Go shopping with her.

60. Tell her you love her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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