50 Questions To Ask A Girl If You Want Her To Reach Orgasm


1. How long do you expect foreplay to last?

2. How many men have successfully given you an orgasm?

3. Do you think sex is meant to feel primal or be done purely out of love?

4. What do you fantasize about when you touch yourself?

5. Do you like to dominate or to be dominated?

6. How long does it typically take you to orgasm when you’re alone?

7. Do you have sensitive nipples?

8. If we roleplayed, who would you want me to pretend to be?

9. Where are you ticklish?

10. What can I do to make you feel more comfortable naked?

11. Do you prefer soft, gentle touches or to be tossed around?

12. Who was the first man to make you orgasm?

13. Where is your favorite spot on the body to be kissed?

14. What’s your favorite sex scene from a movie or a television show?

15. How many times per week would you prefer to have sex?

16. What turns you on about the male body?

17. What’s the dirtiest sext that you’ve ever sent out?

18. Do you like your men hairy or clean-shaven down there?

19. Does sex make you feel empowering or sinful?

20. What was the hottest sex of your life?

21. Do you like it better when I eat you out or rub your clit with my hands?

22. Have you ever cried during sex before?

23. Do you read erotic novels to make yourself wet?

24. How many sex toys do you have hidden in your room?

25. What kink have you always wanted to explore?

26. What’s your safe word?

27. Where’s the riskiest place you’ve ever had sex?

28. Do you expect sex between us to be romantic or animalistic?

29. How comfortable are you with your own body?

30. Have you ever had a G-spot orgasm?

31. What’s the most unforgivable thing a man has ever done to you in bed?

32. How old were you when you made yourself orgasm for the first time?

33. Do you think drunken sex is fun or sloppy?

34. What kind of pornography have you masturbated to most recently?

35. Do you prefer it when the lights are on, off, or dimmed?

36. What’s completely off limits in the bedroom?

37. How flexible are you?

38. Is there anything that causes sex to feel painful for you?

39. Do you like the taste of cum?

40. Have you ever masturbated in front of a mirror?

41. What kind of birth control do you feel the most comfortable using?

42. What’s your favorite position where I have total control?

43. Do you like to keep a certain item of clothing on during sex?

44. Have you ever had multiple orgasms?

45. What skill do I need to improve on in the bedroom?

46. Do you think dirty talk is sexy or cringy?

47. How do you feel about Skype sex?

48. Would you have a threesome with two other men?

49. What are your feelings about anal?

50. Are you horny right now? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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