50 Naughty Questions That Will Make Him Want To Throw You Down And Fuck You

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1. When was the very first time you imagined me naked?

2. Which sex position does my ass look the hottest in?

3. What was the strongest orgasm I’ve ever given you?

4. Which part of my body makes your cock the hardest?

5. How old were you when you touched tits for the first time?

6. What’s the nastiest thing you’ve ever thought about doing to my body?

7. Where is your favorite place to cum on my body?

8. When was the last time you masturbated to the thought of me?

9. How many times do you think you can make me orgasm in one night?

10. What happened in the last wet dream you had?

11. What’s the sexiest thing a woman could say in bed?

12. Have you ever been complimented on the taste of your cum?

13. What’s the kinkiest sex toy that you own?

14. How long does your ideal sex session last?

15. What instantly gets your dick hard?

16. What type of lingerie would I look the sexiest in?

17. What do you wish I was doing to you right now?

18. Do you cum harder when I’m on top or when you’re on top?

19. What is the most amount of times you’ve orgasmed in one day?

20. Which pornstar would you love to get a blowjob from?

21. Would you consider making a sex tape with me?

22. What runs through your mind when you see me naked?

23. What wild fantasy haven’t you told me about yet?

24. Which blowjob technique makes you cum the quickest?

25. Do you like the taste of my pussy?

26. Does it turn you on when I swallow?

27. How long could you last without fucking me?

28. Where do you want to have sex, even though it’s totally illegal?

29. Do you moan my name while you masturbate?

30. Are you in the mood to sext?

31. I can’t remember — how many rooms of your house have we fucked in?

32. What’s the sexiest quality a woman could possess?

33. Have you ever gotten hard, just from a kiss?

34. What type of nudes do you want me to send you tonight?

35. What do you think about when you masturbate?

36. How many times per day do you get a boner over me?

37. What would you do if I ripped your clothes off in a public place?

38. Have you ever masturbated in the shower?

39. Which body part should I pay more attention to during sex?

40. What’s the sexiest type of underwear a woman could wear?

41. Are you an ass man or a boob man?

42. Have you ever thought of me while fucking somebody else?

43. How many times do you think about sex per day?

44. What color thong should I wear tonight?

45. How long would your ideal blowjob last?

46. Where’s the most inappropriate place you’ve fantasized about sex?

47. How many times should I fuck you this week?

48. If we had a threesome, who would you want the third person to be?

49. Is my orgasm face sexy?

50. Do you want to fuck me right this second? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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