33 Things That Automatically Turn Women Off (Even If He’s Hot AF)

Unsplash, Dimitar Belchev
Unsplash, Dimitar Belchev

1. Men that are always bragging about how strong they are, how much they can lift, and how often they visit the gym.

2. Men that wear the same exact shirt every single day.

3. Men that can’t form a complete sentence without throwing a curse word into it.

4. Men that are overly attached to their mothers.

5. Men that are unemployed and have no interest in trying to find a job.

6. Men that turn every single conversation into a sexual one.

7. Men that pressure their partners into sex.

8. Men that use too much tongue and get too handsy during a first kiss.

9. Men that refuse to text first.

10. Men that ‘like’ every Instagram photo they see of a woman in a bikini.

11. Men that aren’t able to enjoy themselves, unless they’re completely wasted.

12. Men that play the victim whenever they don’t get their way.

13. Men that spray on way too much cologne before leaving the house.

14. Men that glance down at their phone when someone else is speaking. 

15. Men that ask for your Snapchat before they ask for your phone number. 

16. Men that are always bragging about how expensive their car is and about how they own the newest iPhone.

17. Men that still believe in gender roles. 

18. Men that can’t go an hour without mentioning their ex. 

19. Men that lie to get into someone’s pants. 

20. Men that won’t put in the effort to plan out a date or even send a cute text message. 

21. Men that don’t take their underwear off during sex.

22. Men that flirt with every waitress and bartender that speaks to them.

23. Men that don’t keep themselves clean below the belt. 

24. Men that hate animals. 

25. Men that refuse to admit that they actually liked Mean Girls, The Notebook, or any other movie ‘made for a woman.’

26. Men that pretend they know more than you, even when they’re completely clueless about a certain topic. 

27. Men that purposely burp and fart around you, even though you’ve just met and haven’t reached that comfortable stage yet. 

28. Men that body-shame or slut-shame women. 

29. Men that stop to fix their hair every five seconds. 

30. Men that lead women on, and then blame them for developing feelings. 

31. Men that claim that wearing makeup is “false advertisement.” 

32. Men that send dick pics without warning. 

33. Men that treat women like their toys instead of like their equals. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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