26 Signs He’s Not ‘Emotionally Damaged,’ He’s Just An Asshole

Twenty20, ana_lombardini
Twenty20, ana_lombardini

1. He doesn’t take responsibility for anything. He blames his family for all of the problems in his life.

2. He brings you more misery than happiness — at least once a week you’re crying over him.

3. He has, either intentionally or unintentionally, made you lose some of your closest friends.

4. You fight about the same exact things over and over again.

5. He makes you feel guilty when you have fun without him, even if you were only with your family or your female friends.

6. He’s suspicious whenever you work long hours or take a few minutes too long to text him.

7. He has a go-to excuse he always uses whenever he screws you over, so that you end up feeling bad for him.

8. Sometimes, you sleep with him, because you’re worried about what would happen if you said no.

9. There are certain stories you would never dream of telling your friends about him, because you know they’d hate him forever.

10. He breaks up with you on a frequent basis, and expects you to beg him to take you back.

11. He randomly cancels plans with you for no real reason at all, even though he knew how much you were looking forward to seeing him.

12. He makes completely ridiculous accusations, like that you’re a cheater and a drug addict.

13. He’s made you question how smart you are. And how pretty you are. And how valuable you are overall.

14. He tries to control what you wear, because he doesn’t want any other men to find you attractive or any other women to find him attractive.

15. You’ve been neglecting the things — and people — you used to care the most about, because he takes up all of your time.

16. He criticizes the size of your boobs, the scars on your body, and the sound of your voice. It’s like everything about you is wrong.

17. He chooses the bottle (or the bong) over you, because he thinks that it’s the only way to deal with his problems.

18. When he gets angry, he legitimately scares you.

19. Since you’ve started dating him, you’ve been disappointed more times than you can count.

20. He lies straight to your face, like it’s easy for him.

21. He spies on you by incessantly checking your social media and even driving past your house to search for something incriminating.

22. He’s referred to you as a slut, a whore, or some other demeaning term, just because he was in a bad mood.

23. Your family doesn’t approve of him. Your friends don’t, either. Not even one of them.

24. He doesn’t make any real effort to trust you, even though you’ve never done anything to make him question your loyalty.

25. Your relationship consists of extremes — you’re either crazy in love with him or you hate his guts.

26. Whenever you talk to your loved ones about your relationship, you feel like you constantly have to defend him, because he comes across like a real asshole. And, deep down, you know that he is. And that you deserve better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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