26 People On The Most Disturbing Confession Someone Casually Gave Them

Sometimes, secrets are better left hidden. At least, that’s what these people from Ask Reddit think.

21. He grew up with a ghost

“I have a completely normal friend (we’re both in our early 40’s now) that shared with me his childhood story of living with a ghost. Every night he had a ghost that would walk down the hallway into his bedroom and just stare at him … sometimes making noises, but usually quiet. He was so petrified that he would pull the sheets over his head. When this first happened, he would scream or run down the hallway to his parent’s bedroom but they would always turn him back to his own bedroom and tell him that his imagination was running wild. Over time, he actually grew accustomed to this apparition, but was still freaked out by it.

I, personally, don’t believe in ghosts and think that it must have been something else. But because my friend has such a type-A and a ‘no-bullshit’ personality, I admit that I found it creepy (the hairs stood up on the back of my neck) to listen to him tell this story with such a nonchalant and straightforwardness. He eventually moved out of his childhood home when he was a teenager and these ‘ghost’ episodes have never reoccured. There are different people living in his childhood home now, and he said that he would never go back there again.” — coburndt

22. He gutted a horse

“My ex told me he killed a horse. He wasn’t drunk, he wasn’t dared or anything. He just saw a horse and decided, ‘I should kill this horse.’ He gutted it and everything — and he liked it.” — morgensternn

23. He told me he was searching for me

“My ex boyfriend could not handle our break up. I broke it off with him because of significant issues – drugs, stealing, etc. I finally got out of it. He didn’t. He would not give up on me. At first he was desperate at trying to get back with me, following me, waiting in obscure locations for when I walked to my car, and even threatening to kill himself if I didn’t see him. I blocked his numbers, changed my email, transferred colleges, moved a state away, and tried to move on with my life.

He was in and out of jail for drugs and stealing in addition to concealed weapons charges. Which was scary for me knowing all the times when he confronted me alone.

It was about 4 or so years later when I received the creepiest phone call. It was him calling to tell me that he was looking for me all this time. The tone of his voice, the horrific laughter, I freaked out. I called my parents and informed them, hey if I go missing this is who has me. I called campus security and made sure they had his description. He never showed up but my god, the voice on the other end of the line still brings chills.

It scares me to this day that he is out there possibly looking for me. Luckily I’ve become more aware of precautions to take. Pepper spray, learning self defense, etc. If I was in another state where obtaining a gun was easier, I would have done so. Unfortunately it’s not so easy where I am now. I do however have panic buttons and GPS locators so if something were to happen, I can be found.

I try not to let fear or paranoia run my life, I try to take the best precautions, but I will always have that fear that just around the corner, he will be waiting for me.”  — drowningwithoutwater

24. She had a hit list

“There was this girl in my school who I think was a selective mute; she only talked to a few people, and I was one of them. Then she told me that I’d never be on her hit list.” — [deleted]

25. He ran over a cat with his lawnmower

“In HS we were hanging out with this kid who was a grade lower than us and he started talking about how he buried a cat up to it’s head and then ran it over with a lawnmower. I didn’t believe that he actually did that (the cat would probably tear the shit out of you) but it was disturbing to think that this was the information he decided to share to impress us.” — longducdong

26. He would watch me sleep

“I had a friend confess that every time he stayed at my apartment (which was frequently, because we lived in different countries, sometimes he would stay for a month+ at a time) he watched me sleep. I woke with him staring at me, he was literally inches away from my face just staring and I freaked out, he broke down and confessed. My husband was asleep next to me!

That was the most creepy for sure. It also ended our friendship.”  — Susansays Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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