25 People Describe The Night They Should Have Died, But Somehow Made It Out Alive

The next time you have a rough day, read these stories from Ask Reddit and remember you’re lucky to be alive.
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1. He tried to rape and murder me

“Ever hear those stories about people who get spied on through their webcams? It actually happens. And it happened to me.

It went on for about a month, until I guess the guy couldn’t contain himself and started sending me emails saying he could see me. In GREAT detail he explained what I was wearing/doing etc. He said he knew where I lived and was waiting outside. I thought it could be a bluff, but I called the police immediately. Dude had handcuffs, mace, condoms, and a knife on him. He was immediately arrested. I don’t know if you would define that as a ‘close call’ but it’s the closest I’ve come to getting killed. It still scares me to even think about.” — ithurtslikehell

2. I was trapped in a burning car

“Car accident. Car caught fire and I was trapped. Someone passing by stopped, broke the window with his fist, and pulled me out while other by standers stood and watched.” — Jona479

3. I fell off a cliff and shattered my skull

“I was hiking when I was 11 with my brother, and ended up falling 100 feet off the side of a cliff. I shattered my skull, broke most of my ribs, which punctured my lung, broke my jaw and my pelvis. The shards of bone from my skull went into my skull causing a traumatic brain injury. My brother tried to save me but fell also and died on site. I’m alive because people in he valley below thought we were mountain sheep and got out their binoculars and called 911. I was in a coma for a week and had to relearn how to walk, talk, read, ect.” — hiimnatalie

4. A stranger shoved me onto train tracks

“I was drunk and stumbling around the street when this guy offered me a lift home, I was so bad I didn’t even question who he was and never even told him my address, drove to a train track and he stopped and we just talked for ages. When he heard the train coming he thought it would be cool to get out and watch it, I agreed and as it came close he pushed me onto the track, I fell onto the other side just as it went passed. I laid there shocked until it has gone past fully and he was driving off in his pickup. Never saw him again.” — JackGrey

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