25 Friends Of Missing Children Describe The Awful Tragedy That They’re Still Losing Sleep Over

Unfortunately, missing children cases rarely have a happy ending. This Ask Reddit thread proves it.
Unsplash, Gregoire Sitter
Unsplash, Gregoire Sitter

1. He was tortured and set on fire

“My mum’s best friend’s son disappeared one night after going to a club with a bunch of friends.

Initially she wasn’t too worried because he was 16 and pissed off for a bit now and then, but after a day she started to get worried and started to call around his friends.

His friends told her he’d met a guy he knew from primary school who’d just been released from juvenile and bogged off with him for a reunion. He then disappeared.

She phoned the cops.

The cops sent around a few people.

They discovered the remains of two boys around 16-years-old who had been tied in chicken wire, tortured to death with power tools (belt sanders and drills), and then set on fire.

Dental records matched her son.

Apparently from what could be pieced together he went out to have some fun and met a childhood friend but the Northern Irish UVF had decided his friend was actually an informer and tortured them both to death with belt sanders and drills in a classic case of mistaken identity.” — SteveJEO

2. She kidnapped and molested him

“I was classmates with a missing kid who was missing, because she was actually the kidnapper of another missing kid. She was 14 or 15 and lost her shit for some reason. She kidnapped this little boy and took him out into the woods, tied him to a tree, and molested him. They were missing for like a week. They went to the same church so when they were both reported missing around the same time, people just assumed they were kidnapped together. After they were found, we learned otherwise. She was sent away for treatment somewhere and she never came back to school. I don’t know what became of her.” — esoteric_enigma

3. Her step-brother cut her into pieces

“This happened over the past year.

A girl went missing for a while. Her name was Becky Watts. She was eventually found but unfortunately she had been killed, and her body cut into pieces. Some parts were in plastic bags taped up and others were in a suitcase. All her limbs were cut from her body and she had been decapitated. She was cut apart with a chop saw and a hand saw.

It turned out to be her step-brother that did this and his girlfriend helped. They’ve both recently been convicted.” — farmercurtis

4. They were abducted, raped, and killed

“I have been unfortunate to know two girls who were abducted, raped, and then killed when I was a kid, both were my age at the times of their kidnappings, and through the chance coincidence of moving between two different cities between the times of the incidents. The first happened when I was in fifth grade, right after I had moved. The girl was out riding her bike and more than likely was hit by a car owned by her abductor. He took her, raped her, then later dumped the body near a state park 100 miles away. Same thing happened two years later to another girl.

The thing that got me at that age, was how much they looked like me, and how it happened to both of them. I think for awhile I was paranoid he was coming after me. I was in junior high at the time of the second abduction, and my mother wouldn’t let me walk home alone from school (all of four blocks) because of it. We even ended up debating in class whether or not it was ethically right to enact the death penalty in that state.

Then about ten years ago, as an adult (and it hit me just as hard), a friend of mine who was a photographer had gone missing. Granted she wasn’t a kid, but we were all starting out in our adult lives at that time. She had gone to photograph a car for a client of hers, was abducted, raped, then killed. Her family to this day is still distraught over it, especially as it’s still controversial and in the media due to a documentary that was just released that questioned the guilt of the perpetrator in her case.

The first two I knew were victims of the same man. The third was the victim of a man who had been falsely accused of raping a woman 18 years prior and had been released from prison.” — TennaTelwan

5. He was stuck in his sunken car

“A kid I went to high school with in South Florida just disappeared one day. Left a party one night and disappeared. His phone lost signal and none of his credit cards were used. They searched for 3 months but never found him or his car. The kid had liked his benzos and his friends at the party said he was pretty fucked up when he left.

About a year or so later some kids were swimming in a canal near a road. The canals in South Florida are usually really deep (30-40 feet) and are pretty much everywhere, so kids like to jump off of smaller bridges into the canals when it is hot out. A couple kids were daring each other to go as deep as they could and one kid went really deep and hit something hard and metal with his feet. It was the missing kid’s car. The cops pulled it up and he was still in it. It was only a few blocks from his house.” — 231qfrawv

6. He had been shot and buried

“My friend in middle school went missing. No one really thought too much about it. They labeled him a runaway. It wasn’t until six years after he went missing, his body was found. His friend had shot him and buried his body to cover it up. The kid never said a word about it.

It’s sad. He was a good friend to me.” — deaddisko

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