22 Times When She Needs To Hear ‘I Love You’

Only say, “I love you” if you mean it. But once you mean it, never stop saying it!

1. When she had a rough day at work and is feeling like a failure.

2. When she can’t take a decent selfie and honestly believes that she’s ugly.

3. When she’s crying in the bathroom, because she’s too embarrassed to have you look at her.

4. When her friends cancel on her and she feels alone in the world.

5. When you have amazing sex and she needs to know that she’s more than just a body to you.

6. When you have a fight and she’s wondering if she just fucked up the entire relationship.

7. When she’s on her period and her hormones are driving her mad.

8. When you’re ending a phone call with her.

9. When a romantic scene comes on in a movie and she glances over at you.

10. When a beautiful woman walks by and she’s hit with a jolt of jealousy.

11. When she does something small — but thoughtful — for you, like take out the garbage when it’s your turn.

12. When you’re in public and there are people around that can hear you.

13. When you’re cuddling with her to keep warm on a chilly night.

14. When she’s tipsy and keeps going on about how much she loves you.

15. When you send her a good morning text. 

16. When she agrees to watch a show with you that she clearly hates.

17. When she walks through the door and greets you with a kiss.

18. When she talks to you about your wedding day and future children.

19. When she does something that makes you laugh hard and long.

20. When you wake up in the morning, cocooned in each other’s arms.

21. When it’s a special day, like your anniversary.

22. When you haven’t said it in a few hours. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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