17 Men Describe How They Want To Be Dominated During Rough Sex

Twenty20, theblissfulbrunette
Twenty20, theblissfulbrunette

1. “First off, initiate sex. I don’t want to be the one that’s always begging for it. Climb on top of me when I least expect it and ride the shit out of me. And when I try to touch you, don’t let it happen. Grab my wrists and pin my arms down.” — Shaun, 22

2. “Rip my clothes off. That’s all I ask for. I hate when a girl rubs my dick through my jeans, but never unzips them. Pull them off. Then take my shirt off. Get me naked.” — Ruben, 22

3. “I like being bitten. Just not on the dick or balls. The shoulder’s probably the best spot.” — Omar, 28

4. “I actually prefer it when my wife is submissive. I like being the one in control. But it’s still hot when she leaves scratches across my back or pulls my hair during missionary.” — Erik, 25

5. Chains and whips excite me… Hate that fucking song, but it’s true. I like being spanked. And it’s even better with a paddle than it is with a hand. I even like getting slapped across the face. But I wouldn’t suggest that unless you ask beforehand.” — Wayne, 25

6. “Bondage, bondage, bondage. Tie my ankles to the bed. Handcuff my wrists together. Throw a collar around my neck. I don’t want to have any control of my body. I want to be completely at her mercy. Like I’m her toy.” — Cody, 27

7. “My girlfriend is the most innocent looking woman in the world, so I think she’d have to dress up if she wanted to pull off the dominant thing. Maybe slip into some leather lingerie. Grab a whip. Find her alter ego.” — Artie, 20

8. “My ex put a cock ring on me once. 100% her idea. She bought it and slipped it on before sex. Doesn’t sound like much, but made my orgasm epic. So if you have the money, definitely buy some toys.” — Curtis, 29

9. “I want to be teased. I want her to rub her clit against my cock. And then I want her to sit on the head of it and lift herself back up before going all the way down. I want her to make me beg for it.” — Adrian, 28

10. “My ex stuffed a shirt in my mouth because she didn’t want to waste time searching through her drawers for her ball gag. I was into it.” — Troy, 20

11. “I want her to order me around. Tell me what position to get into. Tell me where to kiss. Tell me exactly what to do — especially during oral. And I want her to grab my hair while she’s doing it.” — Isaac, 23

12. “I’ve always sucked at dirty talk, but I love the way my current girlfriend does it. She won’t ask me any complicated questions. She’ll just say things like, does my pussy taste good or are my tits making you hard? It sounds stupid now, but during sex it’s sexy. And when I moan out a yes, it drives her wild.” — Jame, 26

13. “I’ve never been blindfolded before, but I like the idea. I always want to close my eyes when she rides me, but I feel like she’d get offended. So yeah, a blindfold would probably be hot.” — Jay, 29

14. “Shove me up against a wall like in those shitty romcoms you’re always watching. Or shove me onto the bed. Either way, it would be hot.” — Adam, 19

15. “If she wants to dominate me, then dominate me. Flip me over and use a strap-on. I won’t have any complaints.” — Calvin, 30

16. “Choke me. Put your hands around my neck and squeeze. Just hit the right spots so I don’t, you know, die before the orgasm.” — Felix, 24

17. “I don’t really know what I want her to do. That’s the whole point of being dominated. I don’t have to think. I don’t have to do anything. I want her to call the shots.” — Douglas, 32 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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