16 Ways To Give Her An Explosive Orgasm


1. Instead of straddling her without warning, try cuddling with her first. If you’re the big spoon, then it’ll be easy for you to play with her hair, reach a hand under her shirt to massage her breasts, and kiss the back of her neck. Get her relaxed.

2. After a few minutes, turn her head to face you and then kiss her. On the lips. Softly at first, and then add tongue. If she’s into it, then it’s your sign to initiate sex. Otherwise, back off, so she doesn’t have to come up with an excuse about having a headache.

3. Take her clothes off bit by bit, so you have time to focus on each aspect of her body. When her shirt comes off, kiss her shoulders and compliment her belly. When her bra comes off, cup her breasts or suck on them. Take your time, because women take a while to get turned on.

4. Once her pants are off, reach down to rub her clit. Don’t move your fingers too hard and fast at first (and don’t insert any fingers into her vagina yet), because if she’s not turned on enough, the roughness could hurt. Feel her to see if she’s wet enough before you go crazy.

5. If she’s not wet enough for sex yet, or if you want to give her a special treat, go down on her. You don’t have to make her orgasm. Just make her horny enough for penetration.

6. When you’re finished eating her out, straddle her. Then rub your dick back and forth against her clit.

7. Slowly enter her. Don’t ram yourself in.

8. Kiss her while you’re inside her — and not just on her lips. Kiss her chest. Her neck. Her goddamn forehead. Make her feel beautiful.

9. Compliment her. You get to decide whether it’s best to dirty talk about how fucking tight her pussy feels or if she’d prefer to hear a heartfelt compliment about how her lips are soft and taste delicious.

10. Get her into a position that she likes. You might want to try spooning again, so you can reach around and rub her clit while you thrust.

11. That being said, don’t forget to rub her clit. It’s not just a foreplay move. It should be done during sex. It’ll automatically increase her chances of having an orgasm.

12. Pay attention to her moans. To how deeply her nails are digging into your back. To how much she’s squirming. She might not come out and say if she likes a certain position, but her sounds and movements will let you know.

13. Moan. She’s probably more worried about whether you’re enjoying yourself than if she’s enjoying herself. So make it clear that you’re having the time of your fucking life.

14. Touch her everywhere. Grab her hair. Hold her waist. Spank her ass. Run your hands over her back. Toss her legs over your shoulders. Do it all.

15. If she doesn’t look like she’s going to orgasm anytime soon, take out the toys. Blindfold her. Attach a collar to her. Put nipple clamps on her. Figure something out, because every woman secretly has a kinky side.

16. Look her in the eyes whenever you get the opportunity. And, if you genuinly love her, say those three little words during sex. It’ll make her feel all fluttery inside. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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