16 Signs You’re Finally Ready To Find Your Forever Person

Twenty20, sixmilesaway
Twenty20, sixmilesaway

1. You know exactly what you want. You’ve finally figured out what you want from a man — and more importantly, the type of man you never want to waste time with again. You’ve developed your own set of standards and you’re never going to lower them again.

2. You’ve put your exes in the past. You’re done pining after them. You’re done being angry with them. You can tell stories about them without letting any guilt or bitterness creep in. You’re completely, utterly, officially over them.

3. You’re over your bad boy phase. You no longer have the urge to make out with hot strangers while wasted. You want someone to settle down with. Someone to wear chunky sweaters and sweatpants with while you snuggle on your shared bed.

4. You actually like yourself. You’re no longer the girl that cries about how ugly she looks when a boy ignores her. You’re happy with yourself and happy with your life. If you find a boyfriend sometime soon, that’s great. If not, you can wait.

5. You feel like you’re ready for love. You’re not trying to find a boyfriend, because you’re the only single girl in your group of friends and you feel pressured. You’re doing it, because it’s honestly what you want.

6. You’ve matured. You aren’t going to start drama when your boyfriend likes a female friend’s Instagram picture. You aren’t going to snoop through his phone, either. You know that, once you find someone you trust enough to date, you’ll behave like a lady.

7. Your baggage is behind you. You’ve accepted the fact that you’ve gotten cheated on. Or that your parents are divorced. Or that you were abandoned by a relative. You’re never going to forget that it happened, but you’ve learned to accept the past.

8. You’re willing to give up your independence. You’re okay with the idea of constantly updating someone on where you are and what you’re doing. Of thinking of yourselves as a team instead of as two separate individuals. Of giving up a portion of your independence.

9. You have realistic expectations. Your standards aren’t too high or overly low. They’re just right. You’re looking for the type of love that actually exists. The type that’s beautiful and authentic.

10. You’re comfortable with your body. The thought of undressing in front of a boy doesn’t disturb you, because you know you’re a beauty. There’s no need to cover up or keep the lights off. You’re ready to flaunt what you’ve got.

11. You’ve stopped comparing yourself. You don’t compare your progress to your friends’ progress. Or their beauty to your beauty. You understand that you’re an individual and there’s no sense in comparing yourself to anybody else.

12. You’re ready to make a commitment. If you find the person you’re meant to marry, you won’t get scared off. You’re ready to live with someone. To split the bills with someone. To act like actual adults.

13. You feel like a whole. You aren’t looking for someone to complete you or to save you from yourself. You’re perfectly fine on your own. The right relationship would enhance your life, but things are already wonderful just the way they are.

14. You have your future (mostly) figured out. You know if you want children or a wedding, which means you can start searching for a man with similar goals. For a man that wants the same things out of life as you do.

15. You’re in a good spot career-wise. You’re not struggling to pay the rent each month. You’re in a decent spot financially, so you have enough time to focus on love. To put your full energy into finding a worthwhile relationship.

16. You’re willing to open yourself up. Your heart is no longer locked away. You’re ready to spill your deepest secrets. To spend full weekends with someone. To really let them into your life without any restrictions. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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