15 Signs You Have A Dysfunctional Idea Of Love

Sophia Sinclair
Sophia Sinclair

1. You think that love is an excuse for acting irrational. That it’s okay if someone slaps you or posts your nude photos online, as long as they were doing it out of love.

2. In your opinion, love is the most important thing in the world and you’re willing to give up everything for it. Your career. Your home. Your morals. Everything.

3. You think that love is meant to be fiery and passionate. That it’s better to be a couple that stays up until 2AM fighting and 4AM fucking than a couple that sits down and calmly resolves their issues. That it’s better to be fun than to be boring.

4. You think that love needs to be expressed in elaborate ways. With skywriting and trips to Italy. With expensive dinners and diamond jewelry. You don’t appreciate the little things men do for you, because you’re focused on the showy things. On the money they spend — not the time they spend.

5. You wrongly believe that sex always leads to love. That, if you let a man sleep with you, you’re going to end up in a relationship with him. And that, if you keep him satisfied sexually, he’s never going to leave you.

6. You grew up with parents that constantly fought and cheated and lied, and you think that it’s the norm. That all relationships turn out like that. That it’s only a matter of time until even the healthiest relationship disintegrates.

7. You think that love is the only thing a relationship needs to survive. You don’t realize that love can only take you so far. That there’s so much more that goes into making a relationship work (like trust and honesty and open communication).

8. You believe in fairytales. That a man is meant to rescue a woman. You don’t understand that you’re the only one that has the capability of saving yourself. That there isn’t a man on this planet that can do more for you than you can do for yourself.

9. You have trouble differentiating physical intimacy from emotional intimacy. Whenever you have good sex, you assume that you’ve found a good man, because you mistake chemistry and lust for true love.

10. You think that marrying someone means that you’re guaranteed to spend forever with them. That a ring will give you more power over them than you already have. That a piece of paper actually changes things.

11. You believe that love at first sight is the only love that matters. If you don’t fall in love during the first date, then you aren’t going to give the guy another chance. You aren’t willing to be patient and let the love develop. You want it to exist from the very first second you meet eyes.

12. You believe that it’s only possible to fall in love once. That, once you lose your forever person, you’ll never find a new one. That you’re eternally screwed as soon as your boyfriend decides to leave.

13You don’t think that cheating is a big deal. You think it’s just a part of human nature and there’s nothing you can do to repress your sexual urges.

14. You assume that having a baby will solve all of your issues. That it will magically bring you and your partner closer together, even though you’ve been having some serious relationship problems.

15. You think that love will fix everything. That finding a boyfriend will make your life worth living again. That the right man is the answer to all of your problems. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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