13 Thrilling Places To Have Sex Inside Of Your Own Home

1. On the kitchen counters. You can either have your boyfriend lift you onto the counters and eat you out (I mean, you are in a kitchen). Or you could have him turn you around, bend you over the counter, and penetrate you from behind while pulling your hair.

2. Against the windows. Want to feel naughty? Then draw your curtains and press your naked body against the window. Your neighbors probably won’t see — but the idea of getting caught will fill you with adrenaline.

3. In the shower. Have him shampoo your hair, run soap across your chest, and then slide inside of you. Just be careful not to slip. Try placing your hands against the wall tiles for balance.

4. In front of the bathroom mirror. What’s sexier than his body? Your body. If you place yourself in front of a mirror, then you’ll get to see yourself from a whole new angle. You’ll even get to see areas of him that you don’t usually see.

5. On your couch. This is the perfect place to ride him, because he’ll be sitting up, which means you’ll easily be able to look him in the eyes and hold him close. You could even put on a porno for some sexy background noise.

6. On the living room floor. Yes, the wood will hurt your back. Yes, the wood will hurt his knees. And if you’re on a carpet, you’ll definitely get rug burn. But the pain will be worth it.

7. On the hood of your car. You’ve probably had sex in the backseat, but have you ever done it on the hood? It’s time to try! Just park your car in the garage, so you won’t have to worry about getting arrested for indecent exposure.

8. Against the wall. Place your hands against the wall and let your boyfriend enter you from behind. Simple.

9. In the middle of any room. Test your partner’s strength by jumping into his arms and letting him hold you while he thrusts. It’s trickier than movies make it look. But even if it doesn’t work, you’ll get a laugh out of it.

10. In the closet. It’s time for a little roleplaying! Pretend you’re at a party and are sneaking away for a quickie. Even better, pretend he’s not your boyfriend. That you two are complete strangers with a shit-ton of chemistry.

11. In your backyard. Have a swing set? What about a hammock? Or a picnic blanket that you can spread across the grass? In your own (preferably fenced) backyard, the possibilities are endless.

12. On the staircase. If you have an annoying height difference, then the staircase is the perfect place for sex. You can be as tall or short as you’d like to create the perfect angle of penetration. Of course, you have to be extra careful, so you don’t tumble down an entire flight of stairs.

13. On the roof. If you live in an apartment building or have a house with a flat roof you’re 100% sure you won’t fall off of, climb up there. Just wait until it gets dark. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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