13 Things That Aren’t Actually Going To Help You Get Over Him

Twenty20, nguyennguyen
Twenty20, nguyennguyen

1. Lying to yourself. Don’t act like he meant nothing to you. He obviously meant a lot. So if you have to scream into a pillow, scream. And if you have to cry, sit in front of your mirror and cry. Just don’t let the pain linger for too long. Let it out now, so it can slowly fade away.

2. Hating yourself. There’s no reason to get pissed off whenever you look in the mirror. He didn’t leave you because of that scar on your chin or the pimples on your cheeks. You’re beautiful, with or without him. Never doubt that.

3. Claiming that love doesn’t exist. Instead of swearing that your relationship ended because all relationships end and love is a lie, give yourself hope. Admit that he wasn’t right for you and that there’s someone better waiting to meet you.

4. Going to extremes. If you want ice cream, have a bowl, but not the entire gallon. And if you want to get fit, jump on a treadmill, but don’t dehydrate yourself. Don’t go to unhealthy extremes. Eat and exercise in moderation, so you don’t harm your beautiful body.

5. Making him jealous. If you go out of your way to post specific Instagram photos or to hook up with his friends to make him jealous, then you’re spending way too much time thinking about him. He doesn’t deserve that spot in your mind.

6. Constantly checking his social media. Does it really matter if he’s better off without you or if he’s miserable now that he’s alone? Either way, he’s out of your life. Stop checking up on him.

7. Blindly jumping into a new relationshipYou don’t want to cure your heartbreak by breaking someone else’s heart. Let yourself heal before you go looking for a new love.

8. Becoming obsessed with work. It’s great that you want to focus on your career and take a break from relationships. But don’t hold yourself back from falling in love ever again. It won’t always end in heartbreak.

9. Replaying the memories months later. I know you want to figure out where everything went wrong. But even if you start off by remembering the shitty moments you two had, you’re going to end up thinking of the good times and making yourself miserable. Don’t do it.

10. Keying his car. There are ways to blow off steam that don’t involve property damage. Try taking kickboxing classes instead. And if you want revenge, get it by living the best life possible. In a few years, he’ll hate himself for dumping you.

11. Listening to depressing love songs. If you need a good cry, put on sappy songs. But turn that crap off a few weeks after the breakup. Swap it out for some empowering music that reminds you you’re a badass woman.

12. Staying in bed all day. If you have to do this for a week or two, it’s your call. But don’t let yourself mope for too long. Push yourself to get up and go again. Push yourself to be you again.

13. Drinking away your pain. After a few shots of Jameson, you might be able to forget the color of his eyes, but once you sober up, they’ll be in full focus again. Drinking is only a temporary fix. And not a smart one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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