13 Sexual Things You Aren’t Obligated To Do For Your Boyfriend

You should be open to trying new things in the bedroom. But if you REALLY don’t want to do something, there’s no rule saying you have to.
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1. Go down on him during your period. If you aren’t getting an orgasm the entire week, why should he? Because you love him, sure. Because you like seeing him happy, of course. But not because you think you owe him oral.

2. Agree to sex every time he initiates. He should be able to handle rejection. So should you, because one day he won’t be in the mood. It happens. If you’d rather fall asleep without an orgasm, don’t force sex. It’ll only hurt.

3. Lie about how good it was. Don’t tell him it was the best sex you’ve ever had, just so he feels good about himself. Be truthful about what you liked and disliked, so that the sex will get better each time. Communication matters, remember.

4. Swallow. If he has the right diet, his cum isn’t going to taste bad at all. But if you’re more comfortable spitting, then spit. He shouldn’t be upset that you didn’t swallow. He should be happy he got a blowjob. 

5. Shave every inch of your body. Bikini waxes aren’t for everyone. If he really loves you, he won’t mind dealing with all the hair, as long as you keep yourself clean down there.

6. Try anal. If he’s had his finger up there before and you hated it, then tell him anal is off the table. It’s not going to accidentally slip inside, so don’t listen to his excuses.

7. Wear lingerie. Lingerie is a sexy way to show your body off to your boyfriend — but only if you want to. You never have to expose yourself in a way you’re uncomfortable with. He wouldn’t want that.

8. Act out his wildest fantasies. It’s always healthy to have an open mind in the bedroom, but if he wants to do something you’re uber uncomfortable with, use the magic word: no. You don’t have to do everything he asks. You have a choice.

9. Send him nudes. Even if you trust him 100%, you don’t have to send him risky pictures if you don’t want to. He can wait to see your body in person. It isn’t going to kill him.

10. Fake an orgasm. This is the worst thing you could possibly do during sex. Don’t make him think you came when you couldn’t be more bored. Be honest, inside and outside of the bedroom.

11. Let him call you names. Dirty talk is fun. But it loses its fun when it makes you feel bad about yourself. Some women like being called dirty little whores in bed — but if you don’t, then let him know so he’ll stop.

12. Let him cum inside you. It doesn’t matter if you’re exclusive and are on the pill. If you’re still worried about doing it without a condom, then keep using those condoms. You won’t enjoy sex if you’re worried about babies the entire time.

13. Try for a baby. Unless you both want a kid and are both ready for a kid, don’t even think about procreating. You have years to form your own family. For now, just have fun fucking. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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