12 Things That Aren’t Actually Supposed To Happen During Sex

Noah Kalina
Noah Kalina

1. You shouldn’t feel any pain. It shouldn’t hurt when he slides inside of you. It shouldn’t hurt as he thrusts. If you’re experiencing any pain down there, it’s okay to ask your boyfriend to stop or to add some lube.

2. You shouldn’t be embarrassed. Queefs are natural. Back pimples are normal. And teeth clashing is bound to happen eventually. When you’re with the right person, awkward moments shouldn’t take you out of the mood.

3. You shouldn’t feel insecure. When your clothes come off, you should feel sexy. Not ashamed. You’re beautiful, and the right person will remind you of that every chance he gets.

4. You shouldn’t be left out. He doesn’t deserve an orgasm more than you do. If your clothes are off, he should try to get you off. It might take a while, but patience is a virtue.

5. You shouldn’t get injured. You might like it when he pulls your hair, slaps your ass, and chokes you. But he shouldn’t be too rough. He shouldn’t inflict any serious damage.

6. You shouldn’t be counting down the seconds. Don’t have sex, just because you feel like you owe it to him. Only sleep with someone that you genuinly want to sleep with. Otherwise, it’s not going to be great for either of you.

7. You shouldn’t feel pressured. If you say no to something, he should stop asking. He shouldn’t try to convince you to change your answer. He should respect your body and your decision.

8. You shouldn’t stress yourself out. It’s okay if it’s taking you forever to orgasm. It’s okay if you get tired and can’t continue riding him. It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.

9. You shouldn’t be completely quiet. Tell him what you want when you want. Moan as he places kisses across your neck. Or at least put on some sultry music, so you don’t have to hear your bodies slapping against each other.

10. You shouldn’t fake your orgasms. If your partner thinks he’s doing the right thing when he’s doing everything wrong, you’re never going to get an orgasm — not tomorrow or the next day. That’s why it pays to be honest.

11. You shouldn’t fantasize about somebody else. Seize the moment and enjoy the person you’re with, because they’re sexy in their own unique way. Don’t take their body’s beauty for granted.

12. You shouldn’t wonder how he feels about you. Sex can complicate things. That’s why it’s important to talk beforehand to figure out what it all means. If it’s a one-night stand or the start of a relationship. If it’s a meaningless fuck or the real deal. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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