11 Shitty Things That Happen When You Have A Soft Heart


1. You have lingering issues. You’re the friend everyone comes to with their problems. You’re the one always lending an ear. But that means you don’t have anyone to go to with your problems. You’re the soother. The solver. Not the complainer.

2. You get mislabeled as weak. But you’re not weak. You’re just comfortable expressing your emotions. You think that’s a good thing. A healthy thing. But everyone else judges you for it.

3. You end up trapped in unhealthy relationships. You accept every apology that is flung your way, because you believe in second chances. And third. And fourth. Unfortunately for you, that means you end up dealing with a lot of drama.

4. You get broken up with. You’re never the one to do the dumping, because you’re willing to put in the effort to try to make the relationship work, no matter the cost. You’re not the type to give up. You’d rather push through your problems and find a solution.

5. You never do anything for yourself. You mistakenly believe that saying no or taking a day off is selfish. You’re so busy taking care of everybody else that you neglect yourself.

6. Heartbreak is a daily occurrence. You warm right up to people. You develop feelings for them during your first encounter and when they walk away, you’re left feeling lost. Again.

7. You mismanage your time. It’s hard for you to stick to a schedule, because whenever a friend needs you, you rush to their rescue. But that means your to-do list never gets finished. You’re always under stress, because there’s always something left that needs to be done.

8. You feel unnecessary guilt. You see the best in everyone. So whenever someone hurts you, you don’t blame them. You try to see the situation from their point of view, and then you end up blaming yourself for hurting them.

9. People take advantage of you. They know you’ll never ignore their texts or turn down an invitation to help them unpack, even if they don’t deserve your affection. They could do anything to you and you’d keep coming back, because you don’t have it in your heart to be cruel.

10. You make others uncomfortable. You aren’t ashamed of reaching for the tissues during an animal shelter commercial or a sob story during Ellen. But other people see your emotional openness and shy away from it. They wish you’d keep your feelings bottled up inside the same way they do.

11. People doubt your sincerity. They believe your innocence is all an act. That it’s impossible for a person to be so soft and sweet, and that you must be hiding something. They don’t understand selflessness the way you do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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