11 Shitty Things Men Do When They Want To Sleep With You, But Don’t Want To Date You

Disclaimer: Obviously, not ALL men are guilty of these things. And obviously, some women ARE also guilty of these things.
Twenty20, LariStreule
Twenty20, LariStreule

1. They’ll try to convince you that you’re being unreasonable with your emotions. That you’re clingy for wanting attention after sex. That you’re desperate for wanting more than a one-night stand. That you’re crazy for assuming he was your boyfriend when he was obviously just a hookup.

2. They’ll have a bizarre set of rules they expect you to follow. You can make-out with them in front of their friends, but not in front of strangers. You can cuddle after sex, but you can’t hold hands. They’re trying to avoid getting too intimate in the weirdest way possible.

3. They won’t come right out and say that they want to date you, because then they’d be trapped with you, but they’ll lead you to believe that you’re the only girl for them. They’ll convince you they’re interested by the way they look at you and snuggle up to you.

4. They’ll exaggerate when they tell the story of how they got screwed over by an ex in the past. They’ll use their baggage as an excuse to treat you like crap.

5. They’ll constantly ask you if you’re okay with your casual relationship. They know you secretly aren’t, but they want you to lie and say that you are, so that they can claim ignorance when you complain about them breaking your heart. So that they can feel like they’ve done nothing wrong. 

6. They’ll tell you that they don’t believe in labels. That they just got out of a bad relationship. That they’re not in the right frame of mind to date. They’ll try to convince you that you deserve better in a boyfriend.

7. They’ll treat you like a princess in person (or when it’s late at night and they’re begging you to stop by), but at any other time, they’ll ignore your texts and claim they’re too busy to chat. They’ll only see you on their terms.

8. They’ll make every conversation about how attractive you are and how they’re dying to rip your clothes off. If you start to talk about anything real with them, then they’ll freak out and change the subject.

9. They’ll talk about other girls — or actually flirt with other girls — right in front of you. They want you to see it. They want you to know all of the moments you’ve been replaying before you fell asleep meant absolutely nothing to them.

10. After you have a truly intimate moment, one that has nothing to do with sex, they’ll blink and then act like nothing happened. And they’ll never bring it up again.

11. They’ll make you believe that you stand a real chance with them, that they’re the person you’ve been searching for, and once they get you out of your dress, they’ll leave you behind without an ounce of guilt. They won’t even realize how badly they’ve broken your heart. They’ll assume what they’ve done was harmless. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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