If You Have These 15 Personality Traits, You’re A Psychopath In The Making

Everyone has a few of these traits. But if you have ALL of them, then you’re in trouble.
Jessica Montgomery
Jessica Montgomery

1. You don’t have lifelong friends. You’ve never been in a long-term relationship. And you’ve never kept a friend for more than a few months. People come and go. They never stick around for long.

2. You’re impulsive. You have no self-control. If you get the idea to text your ex or to drink an entire bottle of vodka, then there’s no stopping you. You do things the second that they pop into your head.

3. You get bored easily. You need constant adventure (or drama) in your life. Otherwise, you feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied. You crave constant excitement.

4. You manipulate others. If you want someone to buy you a certain gift or take you on a certain date, then you can find a way to make it happen. You know how people work–and you use that knowledge to your advantage.

5. You never feel any guilt. It doesn’t matter if you dump someone, fire someone, or bully someone. Even if you see them crying their eyes out, you don’t feel bad about it. You did what you had to do, so why would you feel any remorse?

6. You constantly lie. Sometimes, you lie to get yourself out of a bad situation. And sometimes, you lie just for the fun of it. To start drama. Or to see if you can get away with it.

7. You’re charming. You hate the human race, but when you’re stuck in a social situation, you’re able to convince everyone that you’re a lovely person to be around. You always know exactly what to say and how to say it.

8. You use others. You’ll use strangers for sex. Or for free meals. Or for a place to stay the night. You don’t mind taking advantage of other people, as long as it makes your life easier.

9. You’re irresponsible. You never show up on time. You forget important events. And you drive drunk. No one can rely on you.

10. You have ridiculously high self-esteem. You think you’re the greatest thing on the planet. That you’re superior to everyone around you. That they’re all ugly, stupid, and dull compared to you.

11. You’re selfish. You don’t care about anyone other than yourself. As long as you get what you want, then you don’t care about what happens to everybody else. You’re the only one that matters.

12. You’re sadistic. You never get secondhand embarrassment. In fact, you actually like embarrassing other people. It’s fun for you.

13. You have no empathy. Seeing someone else cry has never made you cry. Your emotions just don’t work like that. Sometimes, you don’t think they work at all.

14. You’re violent. You like getting into fist fights. And when it’s time to kill an insect, you take your time with it, so that it suffers. You enjoy inflicting pain.

15. You’ll do anything to get what you want. You don’t care who you hurt. You’ll steal, cheat, and kill, as long as you end up on top. You’ll do whatever it takes to reach success. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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