If He Does These 12 Things, He Doesn’t Give A Crap About You

Pexels, Caio
Pexels, Caio

1. He doesn’t return your compliments. Whenever you tell him how much you love his new shoes or haircut, he doesn’t return the favor by giving you a compliment. In fact, he doesn’t even seem thankful for the flattery. He acts like he’s entitled to it.

2. He avoids eye contact with you. Whenever he walks into the room, he never looks your way — not even for a second. And when you’re having a conversation with him, he doesn’t even meet your eyes. It’s not that he’s nervous. He just seems uninterested.

3. He won’t text back. He sends you pictures of him smoking blunts on Snapchat, but he won’t return your text messages. He’ll even post statuses on Facebook, asking people to text him and keep him entertained, but won’t bother to write you back.

4. He never initiates conversations. You’re always the one walking up to him with a conversation starter. If you don’t keep the chitchat going, then that’s it — there won’t be a conversation. He doesn’t put in any effort to get to know you.

5. He keeps his distance from you. If there’s an empty chair next to you, he won’t take it. And if you lean in closer while you’re chatting, he’ll lean back. He never lets you invade his personal space.

6. He doesn’t look up from what he’s doing. If you try to start a conversation with him, he won’t pop out his earbuds or put down his phone. He pays more attention to his electronics than to whatever’s slipping out of your mouth.

7. He won’t offer to pay. If you two actually go out together, it won’t feel like a date, because he won’t offer to pay. He’ll just put his half of the money on the table and wait for you to add your half.

8. He ditches you for his friends. Even if you’re in the middle of a conversation, he’ll walk away if he spots someone else that he’d rather be talking to. You’re definitely not his first priority. You don’t even know if you’re a second choice.

9. He doesn’t care how he looks. He doesn’t care if he spills mustard down his shirt or burps in your face. He’s not trying to impress you, so he doesn’t care how he comes across.

10. He seems miserable. He keeps his arms crossed, his head down, and never cracks a smile. He doesn’t light up when he sees you. If anything, he looks annoyed.

11. He stares at other girls while you’re watching. He openly gawks at hot girls as they walk by — and he doesn’t mind if you see. He’s clearly more interested in them than you.

12. He leaves right after sex. He doesn’t stay to chat or cuddle or make you breakfast. He gets out of there as soon as he orgasms. He only wants you for your body, and nothing else. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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