If He Does These 11 Dumbass Things, He Doesn’t Deserve To Sleep With You

Troy Freyee
Troy Freyee

1. Refuses to talk about the situation. If he’s going to sleep with you, he should at least tell you why he’s sleeping with you. Does he want a relationship? A one-night stand? A fuck buddy? You deserve an answer.

2. Causes pain. Sex isn’t supposed to be painful. If there’s zero foreplay and you’re dry enough that it hurts, then don’t sleep with him. Either have a conversation about what you need to get sufficiently turned on — or, if he isn’t willing to help you get comfortable — then you should find someone new to fuck.

3. Gives you major anxietyIf you freak out before he comes over, because you feel the need to shave every inch of your skin, apply ten layers of makeup, and slip into too-tight underwear, then he’s probably not the right one for you. He should make you feel pretty, even when you’re not dressed to the nines.

4. Ignores your requests. If you tell him that the position you’re in hurts or that you want him to stop pushing your head down during oral, then he should listen. If he keeps doing whatever the hell he wants with no regard for your saftey, he’s an ass.

5. Gives you ultimatums. If he warns you that he’ll leak your nudes or break up with you if you don’t bang him, then don’t bang him. He shouldn’t get a prize for treating you like shit.

6. Lies about sleeping with other girls. There’s nothing wrong with being FWB or having one-night stands, but if he’s been sleeping with tons of other girls, he needs to let you know. If he’s been fucking around without getting checked in between, you could end up with a STD, and that’s not fair to you.

7. Lies to get you into bed. If he lies about his job or lies about being single, never sleep with him again. There’s no reason to reward a liar.

8. Injures you. It’s one thing if you’re into BDSM and give him approval to pull your hair, spank your ass, and choke you. But if he leaves painful bruises on you without your permission, it’s best to stay away.

9. Only focuses on himself. Sex involves two people — not one. If he’s in your bed, then he should be taking care of your needs. His orgasm isn’t the only thing he should be concerned about.

10. Mentions other women. If he tells you that your tits are smaller than his ex’s or cries about the fact that she left him, then there’s no reason to sleep with him. Let him get over her before he gets back underneath you.

11. Pressures you. You don’t owe him anal or oral. If you’re uncomfortable with a certain sex act, then there’s no reason for you to perform it. Don’t let him talk you into doing something you’re uncomfortable with, because it won’t be worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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