9 Reasons Why The Most Amazing Women Have The Hardest Time Finding Their Forever Person

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1. You see the best in others.

You have a habit of falling for assholes. Why? Because you don’t see a player that’s eventually going to ghost you. You see a misunderstood soul that’s doing the best he can in life. You focus on his assets and end up ignoring all the red flags, which only leads to heartbreak.

2. You actually put in effort.

For some reason, putting in effort can come across as desperate nowadays–but you don’t care. If you like someone, you’re going to show them by actually initiating conversations and asking them questions about themselves. You’ll even (gasp!) tell them how you feel. You’re not going to waste time playing around.

3. You never let your weaknesses show.

At times, you’re an emotional mess–but no one else knows that. You like keeping everyone content and in order to do that, you occasionally fake your own happiness. That’s why everyone assumes that you’re strong. That you can handle anything. That a broken heart won’t hurt you.

4. You aren’t into hookup culture

You don’t see anything wrong with casual sex–but you also don’t see how sex can be casual. When you kiss someone, you feel a deep connection. A connection that you couldn’t imagine severing in the morning by leaving without exchanging numbers or even giving a goodbye. You’re just not the type to sleep around, which makes it hard to survive in the modern dating world.

5. Others are intimidated by you.

You keep ending up in almost relationships. The men you meet really like you, but they don’t think they stand a chance with you, so they let you slip through their fingertips. Either that or they don’t think they’re good enough for you, because they see what a catch you are. But does their reasoning really matter? In the end, you always end up hurt.

6. You still believe in fairy tales.

You don’t think some pretty-boy prince is going to rescue you. But you do have hope that there’s a guy out there that will actually treat you right and remain loyal to you. Unfortunately, that eliminates most of the men you’ve already met.

7. You have other things going on with your life.

You can’t spend all of your time looking for love, because you have a job to take care of, friends to see, and pets to feed. You’re a busy little bee, so love can’t be too high on your list of priorities.

8. You have a lot of love to give.

It’s not that you need to be in a relationship. You’re perfectly fine being single. But you have such a big heart. If you found the right person, you’d smother them with love and affection. That’s why, sometimes, you end up settling for less than you deserve. Because you just want to let all of that love loose.

9. You don’t realize how amazing you are.

When someone hurts you, you think that you’re the one to blame. You think that you came on too strong or talked too much or looked too ugly. But you’re wrong. You’re beautiful and smart and talented. If you realized that, your heartbreak wouldn’t be so heartbreaking, because you’d realize that another man is going to come along soon–and that he’ll be worlds better than the last one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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