36 Ways To Accidentally Ruin Your Entire Relationship


1. Shutting him out when your anxiety or depression flares up, instead of letting him help you through it.

2. Withholding sex in order to feel more powerful or in control of the relationship.

3. Going through his texts or emails without permission.

4. Keeping track of everything you do for him (like how much money you spend on gifts and how often you wash the dishes) and making sure he returns every single favor.

5. Giving him ultimatums that tell him when he should move in with you and when he should propose.

6. Accusing him of cheating on you, even though he’s given you absolutely no reason to think that.

7. Putting your wants in front of his needs.

8. Failing to put in effort to plan dates and spend quality time together.

9. Threatening to break up with him, kill him, or kill yourself whenever you’re upset.

10. Bringing up things that he did wrong years ago, even though it should be in the past and you should be focusing on the present.

11. Texting him when you’re pissed instead of having a face-to-face conversation with him to solve the issue.

12. Wasting your money on pointless shit, and expecting him to pay the rent and buy groceries.

13. Making major decisions on your own, without even asking him for his opinion beforehand.

14. Needing to be right in every single situation.

15. Posting constant updates (good or bad) about your relationship on social media.

16. Refusing to apologize, even when it’s clear that you screwed up and hurt his feelings.

17. Cheating. Or “harmlessly” flirting with someone so much that you might as well be cheating.

18. Keeping all of your emotions bottled up inside instead of letting him know what you wish would change about the relationship.

19. Comparing him to your friends’ boyfriends.

20. Getting wasted (or contacting your ex) whenever you have a small argument with him.

21. Pretending you’re asleep whenever he wants to have sex and then faking your orgasms during sex.

22. Acting like the victim in any given situation.

23. Spending every waking second together and having no social life outside of your relationship with him.

24. Blaming him for problems with your career or family that have absolutely nothing to do with him.

25. Making sex all about you, even though you should be putting in equal effort to please each other.

26. Leaving the room whenever you cry, because you never want him to see you acting emotional.

27. Purposely starting arguments for the “fun” of it or to get more attention.

28. Expecting him to know exactly what you’re thinking and then getting mad when he can’t read your mind.

29. Criticizing him over ridiculous things, like the way he folds your t-shirts after doing the laundry or the way that he puts the toilet paper back in the holder.

30. Comparing yourself to every woman he talks to and every actress you see on the television.

31. Trying to control everything he does, from the friends he hangs out with to the job offers he accepts.

32. Cutting him off in the middle of a sentence when he’s trying to talk to you.

33. Wearing pajamas every single time you see him, because you don’t care about your appearance anymore.

34. Trying to change him, even though he likes himself just the way he is.

35. Complaining to your friends about him during every girls night out.

36. Taking him for granted instead of appreciating all of the sweet things he does for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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