30 People On The Photograph With The Creepiest, Stomach-Churning Backstory

Some of these photographs from Ask Reddit are highly disturbing, so scroll at your own risk!
Unsplash, Cheryl Winn-Boujnida
Unsplash, Cheryl Winn-Boujnida

1. Harris and Klebold’s class picture

“This class picture, taken just a few weeks before the Columbine High School Massacre. You can see Harris and Klebold on the top left.” — mang0fandang0

2. Regina Kay Walters seconds before she was murdered

“This picture of Regina Kay Walters taken essentially a few moments before she was murdered. She would have known she was going to die at this point, as the person she was hitchhiking with had already been murdered by the driver (who took the picture).” — ivancurtis

3. Silke Bischoff

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“A hostage taken by two bank robbers in West Germany and killed in the standoff with police, in 1988.” — queenofgloom

4. A terrifying photograph from Reddit

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“This image was taken by a few redditors. Nobody knew until much later, but in this image near the bottom right is a trapped hiker with a broken leg who was near death.” — Klathmon

5. Rapist and serial killer Rodney Alcala

“Here he is on the TV gameshow, ‘The Dating Game,’ having just won. At this point, he had already killed two women.” — metal_fan

6. The Beast of Jersey

“The man who wore this mask, Edward Paisnel, would break into homes and rape women and children. He was convicted of 13 counts of assault, rape and sodomy, but it is believed that there are many more victims.” — tzbjuz

7. The outline of a dead man’s body

“Image is rather small but disturbing none the less. This photograph is of a Zeppelin crewmen who bailed out after his ship was alight during a raid in WWI. The impact of him left an imprint on the ground where he fell.” — Upperphonny

8. Jim Jones’ mass suicide

“Basically any photo of Jim Jones and the mass suicide which was caused by him. Also know as the Jonestown Massacre.” — TutuForver

9. A child with her child

“This one looks like a little girl holding a baby, perfectly innocent.

Except that little girl is five years old, and the baby is hers.” — stillrooted

10. Two hikers that died mysteriously

These photos, taken from the phone of two hikers who died mysteriously in the Panama jungle.

The last few are especially haunting: deep jungle, taken in the middle of the night, eight days after the girls went missing…

The timing of those images invite a really chilling question: “Why trudge through the jungle in the dead of night after waiting eight full days?”

Best theory I’ve heard is pretty grim: that they both fell off a cliff (there were many nearby, just off the hiking paths) shortly after those last daylit pictures were taken, and one of them was severely injured enough that she couldn’t be moved. 911 calls didn’t go through because no reception. The uninjured (or less severely injured) hiker waited with her friend for eight days before leaving her.

But why leave in the middle of the night? Most likely answer: something scared her into leaving abruptly. There are numerous nocturnal predators in the jungles of Panama, and they’d be attracted to an injured, bleeding hiker. If a jaguar happened upon them in the dead of night…

Tragic and absolute nightmare fuel.” — Eunomiac

11. A murderer and his victim

“These photos. They look like a typical young couple but he is a serial killer and she is unidentified and possibly his victim. His name is Michael Garguilo and he has killed about 10 women. She remained unidentified for a few years now.”  — Philofelinist

12. Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman

“This photo was taken hours before their disappearance on 4th August 2002. They lived quite close to me.

Searches went on for weeks to look for the two girls in the Man U football shirts, who had vanished on their walk home from the shops.

An arrest was made some weeks later: their schools caretaker, Ian Huntley. Ian had simply spotted the girls walking past his home, invited them in in, and murdered them. No plan, no premeditation, just took a fancy to killing them. He was suspected due to his extreme interest in the case of their disappearance, repeatedly contacting police for an update on the case and regularly appearing on TV shows and radio to discuss it and get himself known as the last person to see them alive (claimed he saw them walk by). He dumped their bodies in a ditch and set them alight.

Guy will rot in prison until at least 2042. His girlfriend got 3 years for trying to cover him with a false alibi.

This was his plea in court:

‘Huntley admitted that the girls had died in his house; he claimed that he accidentally knocked Wells into the bath while helping her control a nosebleed, and this caused her to drown. Chapman witnessed this and he claimed that he accidentally suffocated her while attempting to stifle her screaming. By the time he realized what he was doing, it was too late to save either of them.'” — kezza596

13. Seconds before his assassination

“Reynaldo Dagsa, a politician from the Philippines, photographed his family outside their home on New Years Day. The second he took the photo, he was shot and killed by the man in the back.

One of the only times, if not the only time, someone has captured their own assassination on film.” — Magnehtic

14. Staring at his daughter’s severed foot

“Father stares at the hand and foot of his five-year-old, severed as a punishment for failing to make the daily rubber quota.” — malice8691

15. Adam Walsh’s face imprint off his killer’s floorboard

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“I was watching one of those murder shows and they said the killer pretty much threw the boys head in the back seat and forgot about after he dumped his body into a swamp to be eaten by gators.” — pushit_pushit_realgd

16. Travis Alexander in the shower

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“The last picture of Travis Alexander before Jodi Arias stabbed him to death in that shower and left his body.” — Rosiealeo

17. Vladimir Komarov’s heel bone

“The photo of Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov after the Soyuz 1 space capsule parachute failed and caused him to crash into the ground. The only thing identifiable was his heel bone.” — FE-Giant

18. Judy Ann Dull before she was raped

“That is a photo of Judy Ann Dull. A 19 year old aspiring model. A man came to her door, saying he was a professional photographer and wanted to hire her to pose for some pinup pictures. He offered her 40 dollars for 2 hours work and gave her an address to go to. Upon arrival, the photo shoot started innocently enough, but then the photographer pulled out a gun and raped her. Then forced her to get dressed, and then tied and gagged her and took more photos. So the look of fear in her eyes is not an act. Its real. Afterwards he drove her to a remote area were he strangled her to death and buried her. His name was Harvey Glatman.” — WallyPlumstead

19. Children for sale sign

“4 Children FOR SALE Backstory: Pregnant Mrs. Chalifoux, who face eviction from her apartment decide to sell her four children.” — NathaleyaBlackfyre

20. A Swedish school killer in costume

2 dead in Swedish School attack today

“Killed some people with a sword. Creepy that people where thinking he had some costume for fun and posing with him.” — joer57

21. The Sonderkomando photographs

“These were secretly taken from within a Nazi extermination site. They were taken by prisoners forced to work in the gas chambers, the group called Sonderkomando. They’re the only known photos of their kind.” — TKInstinct

22. Right before lightning struck and killed

“Picture of two brothers with their hair standing up from electrical charges just moments before they were struck by lightning. I was told one of them died, but it doesn’t say anything in the article I found.

Never fails to creep me the FUCK out.”  — newnewdrugsaccount

23. Tank Man from the Tiananmen Square

“This photo doesn’t look like much.

The composition is all wrong, there’s confusion as to what the main subject is, and they’re all not in proper focus.

Have a look at the guy in the background, top left. Have a look what’s in the background, top right.

Yep, that’s Tank Man from the Tiananmen Square massacre. Thought to be student Wang Weilin, this photo was snapped minutes before the famous one was taken.

What happened to Weilin? Nobody knows. He may have been executed, he may still be in prison, he may have fled to another country.” — PoglaTheGrate

24. James Bulger being abducted

“This still photo taken from CCTV footage of James Bulger being abducted from a shopping mall.

Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, both aged 10 years old, abducted 3 year old James Bulger from a shopping mall before dumping his lifeless body on a train track. Before murdering the poor lad, they blinded him with paint, dropped him on his head, beat him with a led pipe, forced him to eat batteries before shoving them up his anus.” — Push–The–Tempo

25. A woman falling to her death

“It’s a picture of a women and a child falling from a fire escape during a fire. The women died, but the child survived.” — Piddly_Penguin_Army

26. Paul and Karla Homolka

“Look at this happy couple on their wedding day, what could possibly be wrong with that?

These people are Paul and Karla Homolka, who together kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered three teenage girls, including Karla’s own sister.” — Brassens71

27. Blanche Monnier chained to her bed

“Blanche Monnier was a free woman, until she began dating a man that her mother didn’t approve of. To maintain control of Blanche, her mother kept her chained to a bed for 25 years!! She starved her nearly to death as well.” — MarmaladeGypsy

28. Inejiro Asanuma being killed with a samurai sword on live TV in Japan

“It’s not the most creepy backstory, but the photo is just very striking. Inejiro was speaking at a political debate being broadcast on TV and was killed by a young Japanese nationalist who rushed the stage and stabbed him with a sword. The killer later committed suicide while in police custody.” — warm_sweater

29. An eerie Facebook message

“Zachary Yashkus posted this on Facebook right before he killed his girlfriend, their 3-year old son and finally himself.” — diablo75

30. A child’s disturbing drawing

“A girl who grew up in a concentration camp draws a picture of ‘home’ while living in a residence for disturbed children, 1948.” — -eDgAR-  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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