17 Things To Stop Doing If You Want A Better Sex Life In 2017

Twenty20, bubblegumwhore
Twenty20, bubblegumwhore

1Stop putting so much pressure on yourself. You don’t have to wear lingerie all the time. You don’t have to shave every inch of your skin. It’s entirely possible to be sexy without trying so damn hard. Your natural body is beautiful.

3. Stop judging yourself. It’s okay if you get all tingly when you think of getting tied up and tortured. It’s okay if you consider yourself heterosexual and have fun fantasizing about the same sex. Daydream about whatever makes you horny. Stop putting restrictions on your imagination.

3. Stop expecting more from casual sex. If you go into his bedroom, knowing that it’s a one-time thing, then don’t analyze every little move he makes. Enjoy every touch and kiss and caress without trying to figure out what it all means. Live in the damn moment.

4. Stop using your hands. When you’re flying solo, you don’t have to use your hands. Get a vibrator. Get a dildo. Get a detachable shower head. Find some sort of toy to make masturbation more exciting.

5. Stop rushing into sex. You don’t have to undress the second your lips touch. Take off one item of clothing, make him wait, and then take off the next piece. Take things slowly, so the sexual tension has time to build.

6. Stop faking your orgasms. Don’t fake it to make him feel better about himself. Don’t fake it to get the sex over with. If you act like you’re enjoying something that just isn’t working for you, then he’s never going to change his technique. Stay honest. Stay sincere.

7. Stop being so critical of yourself. Your body is beautiful. Your face is beautiful. Your freckles and moles? Yeah, those are beautiful, too. The right guy will agree.

8. Stop focusing on the end result. If you only focus on orgasming, you’re never going to orgasm. You have to focus on what’s happening right that second. How his tongue tastes. How his skin smells. How his dick feels inside of you. If you pay close attention to those sensations, then the orgasm will follow.

9. Stop trying to one-up yourself. I know you want to drive him crazy, but he’s not always going to have a mind-bending orgasm. If he doesn’t cum as hard tomorrow as he did yesterday, don’t freak out. It’s natural.

10. Stop stressing yourself out. It’s okay if it takes you a while to orgasm. Men realize that it doesn’t happen as easily for us as it does for them. Be patient. He’s not rushing you, so don’t rush yourself. Keep calm.

11. Stop letting him have all the fun. Don’t go down on him, make him orgasm, and then exchange goodbyes. Go down on him, tell him how horny sucking him off made you, and ask him to return the favor. You deserve a little relaxation, too.

12. Stop waiting for him to initiate. Push him up against a wall. Kiss his neck. Grab his junk. When you’re horny, make the first move.

13. Stop being too ashamed to talk about it. When you see your friends, feel free to tell them what feisty things you got up to the night before. Sex shouldn’t be a taboo subject. Everybody does it.

14. Stop slut-shaming. Don’t judge other women for what they’re wearing. Don’t judge your friends for their number. If you keep an open mind, you’ll start to feel more comfortable with your own sexuality.

15. Stop letting him take control. Sometimes, it’s fun to be submissive. But sometimes, it’s even more fun to blindfold him, tie his hands together, and ride him until he’s screaming your name.

16. Stop being shy. If you’re naked in front of this person, you should be able to talk to this person. Dirty talk, that is. It’ll make your sex hotter than ever.

17. Stop having sex when you don’t want it. You don’t have to go down on him daily. You don’t have to agree to sex, even if you’re not in the mood. If he loves you, he’ll be happy to spend time with you, even if sex isn’t involved. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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