Psycho Girlfriend

12 Signs You’re Turning Into The Jealous Girlfriend You Swore You’d Never Become

Have you become a psycho girlfriend?

1. You go through his phone without permission. You used to casually glance at the screen when it lit up, just to see which name flashed across it. But now, you’re praying for him to use the bathroom, so you can read through all his messages — even the innocent looking ones from his friends and coworkers.

2You’re overly jealous. You’ve stopped inviting him out with your friends, because your BFF is prettier than you and you don’t want him around her. You know he wouldn’t flirt with her or anything. But you don’t want him to even look at her.

3. You keep starting pointless arguments. Maybe you’re bored. Maybe you need attention. Maybe you just don’t care anymore. But you keep starting fights over the most ridiculous things. You can’t help yourself but be a psycho girlfriend.

4. You worry when he doesn’t text back ASAP. You don’t care if he’s working or hanging out with his buddies. If it takes him more than a half-hour to answer you, you’ll wonder if he’s gotten into a car crash or is sleeping with someone else. Your mind jumps to the worst case scenarios.

5. You freak out if he doesn’t compliment you. If you slip into a new dress, apply a new lipstick, or actually get a new haircut and he doesn’t compliment you on it, you flip. You assume he finds you ugly. He hates you. He doesn’t want you anymore.

6. You’ve physically hurt him. Girls can be abusive, too, and it’s not okay. You shouldn’t get so pissed that you throw a glass at him or slap him. That screams unhealthy.

7. You stalk his social media. This isn’t an occasional thing. You frequently check his Instagram to see if he’s been liking other girls’ pictures. And if he has, you can bet your ass there’s going to be a fight about it.

8. You spy on him. He’s given you no reason to suspect him of cheating, but you’ve still figured out his email password and have installed a GPS on his phone. You want to know where he is at all times.

9. You lie to get attention. You pretend your Uber driver was flirting with you to make him jealous. Or that you hurt your shoulder to gain sympathy. You manipulate him with your lies.

10. You want him to spend all his time with you. You hate it when he hangs out with a friend multiple times in a week or cancels a date to spend time with his mother. He’s the only person that matters in your life, so you can’t stand that he has other people in his life.

11. You bombard him with questions. You used to ask him informal questions about how his day was. But now, you’re asking him more and more questions. Who exactly was he working with? What time did he get off? Why did it take him so damn long to drive home?

12. You’ve stopped taking the pill. You kind of want to get pregnant, because you know it would force him to stick around. At least for a little longer, until he realizes you’re a psycho girlfriend. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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