12 Sexual Milestones You Will Reach Once You Find Your Forever Person

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1. The first time you have sexIt’s awkward, but it’s still hot as all hell, because you’re wildly attracted to each other. Your nerves make each touch feel intense.

2. The first time you orgasm from sex. He came the first time you two slept together, but you weren’t as lucky. It took him a few tries to learn how to touch you the right way.

3. The first time you have sex with the lights on. You used to be nervous about the scars and pimples across your skin, but now you don’t give a shit. You know your partner loves your body. You might see flaws when you look in the mirror, but all he sees is perfection.

4. The first time you’re completely comfortable during sex. It doesn’t matter if your bodies make any weird noises or if you forget to put on deodorant. You’re used to each other. You understand that awkward moments are part of the deal.

5. The first time you turn down sex. You’re so secure in your relationship that you don’t mind giving them a bullshit excuse about how tired you are. You know they don’t believe you — but you also know the lack of sex isn’t going to ruin the relationship.

6. The first time you have sex when you’re not really in the mood. You’re not in the mood. But you’re not in a bad mood, either. So you agree, just so you don’t have to do it later.

7. The first time you sext. You can’t stand being apart from each other, but you’re not going to let the distance get in the way of your orgasm. You’ll go back and forth, trading saucy compliments, while you touch yourself beneath the sheets (or at least lie about touching yourself).

8. The first time you have drunken sex. You two got a little crazy and drank a little too much. But you’re both horny, so you decide to give sex a try, even though you know neither of you are going to end up with an orgasm.

9. The first time you have sex somewhere new. You usually do it in the bedroom (or maybe on the couch), but that gets boring after a while. Maybe you’ll end up doing it in the backseat of your car. Maybe you’ll be even more adventurous and do it on the hood. Either way, the slight change makes you feel like you’re in puppy love again.

10. The first time you masturbate in front of them. Maybe they wanted to watch you touch yourself. Maybe you decided to do it during sex. Or maybe they accidentally walked into the room. But it’s bound to happen eventually.

11. The first time you have sex without a condom. You’re with someone you trust. Someone you know doesn’t have any STDs. Someone that you wouldn’t mind raising a baby with.

12. The first time you have sex whilst married. It feels exactly the same, but it also feels totally different. Maybe it’s just because you’re in such an amazing mood. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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