What Kind Of Girlfriend You REALLY Are, Based On Your Pet Choice

Twenty20, attebery
Twenty20, attebery


You love affection. Hugs. Kisses. Hand holding. Cuddling. You name it. When you’re with your boyfriend, you always have your hands on him in one way or another–and when he’s not paying enough attention to you, you snap into annoying mode, because you need more love. You hate being apart from him, so when you’re together, you want all of his attention.


Some days, all you want to do is climb on top of him and have fun. Other days, you just want to be left alone. But your favorite activity is when you’re sitting with a book (or your laptop) while he’s sitting with his own book (or laptop) on the other side of the couch. You don’t mind the silence. Most of the time, you prefer it.


You’re as blunt as they come. In other words, you give zero fucks. You always tell your boyfriend how you’re feeling, even if you have something pretty embarrassing to say. But that’s why your relationship is going to last the longest. You thrive on honesty. You never lie to your boyfriend and you know that he hasn’t been lying to you, either.


As much as you love going on the occasional picnic together, you prefer to take action. You’re pretty athletic, which is why you want to go hiking and biking and white water rafting. You want to experience as many exciting moments as you can before you get too old. You have a long bucket list and you expect your partner to help you cross everything off of it.


You’re obsessed with food and sex. It’s really all you need to survive. In your mind, the perfect date consists of eating a delicious home-cooked meal (that your boyfriend prepared all by himself) and then thanking him by giving him an orgasm (that he’s going to return).


Even though you need your alone time, you hate feeling lonely. That’s why you’re constantly texting your boyfriend and checking in on him–and if you’re not living together yet, you’ve probably been planning on how and when it’s going to happen. You can’t wait to start your lives together. You’re practical, but you’re also pretty impatient.


You’re independent. You don’t need a boyfriend to cook or clean or fix a car for you. You can handle all of that on your own–and if you can’t, you’ll look up a YouTube tutorial and figure it out. Since you’re so self-sufficient, your boyfriend knows he’s not being used. You’re clearly with him, because you want him, and not because you need him.


You’re pretty laid-back when it comes to love. You don’t expect your boyfriend to take you out to fancy dates at five-star restaurants or to leave rose petals on your satin sheets. You’re happy, as long as you two are together–even if you’re just picking up chicken fries from Burger King. After all, you can have fun wherever you go, because it’s not about the place. It’s about the people. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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