This Is What Women Mean When We Say We Want A Gentleman


We don’t have unrealistically high expectations. We really don’t. When you hear us say that we want a gentleman, you might be imagining a well-dressed man with unlimited power and money, but that’s not what we’re talking about. Not at all.

We don’t need some rich guy to take us to a five-star restaurant where we can order steak and caviar. We just want a guy that actually puts in the effort to plan dates. You can take us to a museum or a free concert at the park, and we’ll be happy. We just want you to go out of your way to make us smile.

We don’t need a guy to dress up in a suit and tie to show off how handsome he is. We just want someone that will show up in a shirt that’s clean and shorts that are meant to be worn outside of the basketball court. We want you to spend a few minutes picking out an outfit, because it usually takes us a few hours.

We don’t need a guy that showers us with compliments to keep our self-esteem high. We just want you to show appreciation for all the time and effort we put into making ourselves look good. But only give us genuine compliments. We don’t want the superficial ones. They’re useless.

We don’t need a guy to know the difference between a salad fork and dessert fork, or to keep his elbows off of the table as we eat. We just want you to be nice to the waiter and refrain from cursing in conversations with our parents. We just want you to show respect for us and for those around us.

We don’t need a guy that refuses to pick up a beer or even a glass of champagne. We just need you to drink responsibly. And if you know that you’re going to get wasted with your buddies, do it someplace safe. Do it someplace where you won’t end up embarrassing yourself or kissing another woman and begging for an apology in the morning.

We don’t need a guy that’s a virgin, someone that’s never put hands on another woman. We just want to know that you aren’t using us for sex. That you actually like our personality, and not just the beauty of our bodies. We want to know that you’re not the type of guy that’s going to use us and leave us behind.

We don’t need a guy to wait on us hand and foot. We don’t need a guy that cooks every night and cleans the entire house before we have the opportunity to help. We just want a guy that that acts like our teammate. A guy that helps us out with the housework and helps us save up money for the rent.

Basically, when we say we want a gentleman, we’re saying that we want someone that treats us like like an equal. Someone that we actually deserve. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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