These 20 Things Matter More To Women Than How Much Money He Makes

Derrick Freske
Derrick Freske

1. Funny. We’re not exaggerating when we say that a good sense of humor matters. We need someone that makes us laugh–hard and often.

2. Affectionate. We love attention. We want you to hold our hand and brush your fingers through our hair every chance you get.

3. Intelligent. If we can’t have serious discussions with you, what’s the point in dating? We don’t want to marry a dummie.

4. Respectful. We deserve to be treated like your equal. If you talk down to us or try to order us around, it won’t be long until we realize we could do better.

5. Encouraging. When we open up to you about our dreams, we don’t want you to bring us back down to reality. We want you to motivate us to reach our goals.

6. Independent. We don’t want to be stuck doing your laundry and cooking you dinner every night. We want you to be capable of taking care of yourself.

7. Reliable. If our car breaks down, we want to know that you’ll pick up your phone to help us out. We need someone that will always be there for us, no matter what the circumstances are.

8. Trustworthy. We don’t want to waste time wondering if you’re cheating on us. We want to feel like you would never do anything to hurt us.

9. A good listener. When we speak, we actually want to be heard. Crazy, right?

10. Honest. We deserve to know the truth. We don’t want to be left wondering if we’re getting played every time you open your mouth.

11. Open-mindedness. We don’t want you to turn down our offers to go backpacking and wine tasting without even thinking about it. We want you to be open to trying new things.

12. Thoughtful. You can call us greedy, but we’d love to get a well-thought-out present on holidays. Something that shows us you’ve actually been paying attention.

13. Hard-working. You don’t have to work at some high-paying job, but you do have to work. Being passionate about your career is a total turn-on.

14. Spontaneous. We don’t want our relationship to become predictable. We (occasionally) want you to catch us by surprise.

15. Moral. Sorry, but we aren’t interested in men that think stealing and cheating are perfectly fine. We have standards.

16. Responsible. We don’t want someone that drinks and drives. We want someone that can handle his alcohol and calls a cab when he drinks a little too much.

17. Well-groomed. Having good hygiene is important. We don’t want your pits to smell and beard to overgrow.

18. Strong. It doesn’t matter how big your muscles are, as long as you’re mentally tough. Life is hard, and we need someone that can help us get through it.

19. Good-tempered. We don’t want a man that flips out whenever we come home five minutes late. We need a man that will keep his cool, even during arguments.

20. Appreciative. We don’t want to be taken for granted. We want a man that realizes how amazing we are and is thankful to be with us–because we’re definitely thankful to be with him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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