Make Him Orgasm Hard By Hitting These 10 Pleasure Points On His Body


1. Frenulum. This is on the underside of his dick. It’s the spot that connects the head of his penis to the shaft and it’s super sensitive. The next time you give him a blowjob, make sure you flatten out your tongue and lick the frenulum as slowly as you can while looking up at him. Of course, his whole shaft will welcome that soft tongue, so you might as well lick it from the base to the head. Just slow down once you hit the frenulum.

2. Scrotum. Even if he likes it rough, you have to be gentle with this area of his body. When you’re making out with him, you can reach down and cup it. Or, while you’re giving him a blowjob, you can rub the area a bit. Just don’t grab too hard, and definitely don’t dig your nails in.

3. Head of his penis. If you get tired during a blowjob, use your hand to stimulate his shaft while you use your tongue to stimulate the head. It’s the easiest way to make him cum without killing yourself by trying to deepthroat.

4. Perineum. This is the area in between his anus and his scrotum, a place that most women pay absolutely no attention to. But if you want to drive him nuts, try lightly running your fingers (or your tongue) over the area the next time you get him naked.

5. Nipples. Lick around them, put your lips on them, and tug on them (as gently as you possibly can). Men either love this or hate this, so you might want to get permission beforehand.

6. Neck. Women aren’t the only ones who like kisses on the neck. It’ll turn your man on as much as it turns you on. So make sure you hug him from behind and kiss the nape of his neck. But don’t stop at that. You can kiss the sides and the front as well, and still get a pretty strong reaction.

7. Inner thighs. Stroke and kiss this area before you put your hands on his penis. Why? Suspense. Teasing. Sexual tension. The longer you play with the areas around his dick, the happier he’ll be once you finally start touching his dick.

8. Treasure trail. Kiss along that stretch of hair on his stomach and his pelvic bone. It’ll get him excited about what you’re going to touch next.

9. Ears. Suck on them. Nibble on them. And don’t forget to whisper something naughty into them.

10. Anus. He might hate the idea of having a finger in his ass, but his prostate is where his G-spot is. Of course, you should never penetrate him without his permission. Get consent beforehand. And if he does give you that consent, don’t forget the lube. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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